Friday, November 5, 2021

Square Dog Friday, Just a week !

One Square gud dug.

                                                       Sir Winston Mandables Churchill 

They always get a cookie from me right before bed time.

The white spot is one of his that appear in different spaces after each grooming. 
The side table light makes it glow.

Agatha has taken over the Performance Art from The Hamish.
I will try to get a better photo of one of her art.

Agatha does not like to have her photo taken, even as an artist.
Her Betty Davis Eyes.


 As alway here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

Reflections on the pond.
The colors did not come out  as special as I saw it. There are the mountains, sky and the trees.
It was just wonderful.

Merida always has one white whisker. 
She is feeling somewhat better ? She has started looking for Oliver in all the Kitty spots

This is for friend Kanani who just adopted a puppy !
Good Luck !

cheers,  parsnip


  1. I love that the Gud Dugs get a bedtime cookie each night. Agatha sure does have Betty Davis Eyes! The reflections are beautiful on the pond and I see you have a special outdoor kitty. ;) Merida does look better and I sure hope she feels better soon. She needs to look for Oliver and then maybe she can come to accept things. I'm sending her pets, scritches and love. The puppy walking cartoon is funny!

  2. Yes! Love IWinstons wee white spot. We have nicknamed my husbands car the "Booger mobile" due to the dedicated artwork on behalf of Miss Dorothy to the side windows near her traveling dog bed. I see that Agatha has the same talent...gud dug. Love Merida's one white whisker and glad she's perking up a bit. Wishing you a lovely weekend friend Gayle. X

  3. Similar artwork on our big plate-glass doors in France. Muddy paws make great brushes!

  4. We just get paw prints on the glass. Nothing so creative.

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