Saturday, September 25, 2021

Lost again

.Lost again, where do the days go ?

 Before the trip to the groomers.

                                  When iwinston is asking for a treat he always put his paw up

                                                  He looks so handsome after the groomers.

So does Agatha.

                                                                 Pretty pretty princess.

                                      Oliver is feeling so much better because of his treatments.

                                                                 Postcard from Japan.

                                      Look at this adorable Scotty dressed up as a Captain.

cheers,  parsnip 


  1. Agatha is so beautiful and iWinston is such a handsome fellow after going to the groomers! Oliver is quite sleek and handsome too. I'm so happy he is feeling better.
    The captain Scotty in that cartoon is adorable. I can just see iWinston in a formal Captain's uniform!

  2. They look beautiful. Regarding the Tupperware and socks, I thought that was just me!

  3. I must try to remember the sock/tupperware joke - very true.
    How smart the two of them look after their trip to the hairdressers. I am sure they both feel just as uplifted as we do when we have been.

  4. My favorite pose is the one with iWinston's paw up! (But don't tell Agatha and Oliver) :)

  5. Those two sweet things are lovely after going to the groomer. I like your funnies. How are you, dear one? I think of you always.