Friday, March 26, 2021

Square Dog Friday, just a few photos.

It has been a terrible no gud very bad week that will flow into next week !

Oh woe is me !

Here are a few photos to zoom us into the weekend.

                                                         How can this be comfortable ?


One of iwinston's favorite sleeping style.

Rain storm blew in for 3 days. Rain, clouds and sunset clouds shadows.

. . . . . . . . 

Some fun for the start of the weekend.

I need this !


Darling Armadillo.

cheers,  parsnip



  1. Sorry you've had a stinker of a week, But I did laugh out loud at the cartoon. Our 'Dorothy' Dottie Dog could use a wee dose of pharmaceuticals too unless the neighbors dastardly !C-A-T-S! can be persuaded to avoid our yard and bird feeders. All the best friend Gay!e. X

  2. Hope things pick up for you! Your gud dogs don't seem worried. Feel better!

  3. Yes, in the mindset of dogs, that's comfy.

  4. Please don't let those gud dogs anywhere near darling Armadillo.

  5. iWinston has a great standard sleeping position for warm days. Maybe I'll try it too. 😆

  6. My male cat sleeps just like iwinston does. Maybe it is a guy thing! I'm sorry you've had a bad week. Is Agatha still scared of thunderstorms? Poor baby! You do have some dark clouds there. Please take care!

  7. Stopping by to say hello ...
    Sorry you've had a bad week.
    Those clouds do look rather dark but they make a nice photograph.

    Always enjoy seeing your photographs, Armadillo looks cute :)

    All the best Jan

  8. I am sympathetic that you have had such a bad week. I hope next week is better and your sweet animal friends cheer you up. That first picture looks sooooo uncomfortable!