Monday, June 1, 2020

Birthday !

Today, 1 June is my Mother's Birthday.
Son and Daughter came with me to wish her a Happy Birthday.
I know she is not there but I like to talk to her.  The tree by her gave has grown 
so big and has shade, with lots of wildlife that comes to visit.

Daughter comes over twice a week and we sit and draw before it gets so hot.
I haven't drawn except for the Christmas Cards, for years so this is very
lovely for me.

 Catalina Mountains from my backyard,

 PaloVerde Tree from my kitchen window in full bloom.

Agatha was napping in the pillow and iwinston just cuddled in.
Reminds me of thehamish who always found Watson and would cuddle in. 
Watson was thehamish's touchstone. He adored him. Watson was a old soul.

Here is your pretty to start the week.

Stay safe and be well.
cheers,  parsnip


  1. Oh, those puppies cuddling touched my heart! So sweet! It reminds me of my two. ❤ Just so you know, we just got back from a walk and the gud dugs got one of the treats you sent--they LOVE them! Thank you again from Ginger and George.

    1. Every gud dug I send them to LOVE them. I like that Ginger and George like them.
      Is Ginger stealing the toys ? I hope your glass chime goes with your home.

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  2. Happy birthday to your mom. It’s wonderful the tree by her side has grown and critters come visit. Your drawings are beautiful. The colors of the Palo Verde tree is amazing! Winston and Agatha are so sweet napping together :-)

    1. Iwinston seems to need more cuddling lately. He doesn't feel that great.

  3. What a lovely surprise arrived by post today Gayle (and Winston and Agatha) - you really spoil me but thank you so much. If you go to my today's post you will hopefully see a photograph of it if my computer is behaving itself today. xxx

  4. Beautiful artwork! Thank you for sharing! Happy Birthday to the memory of your lovely Mom. The Gud Dugs together is a wonderful picture.

  5. Lovely! I always remember my Mama on her birthday, too. xoxo

  6. I love this post, Gayle. And that they went with you and the drawing. That is a wonderful way to celebrate a day. Pups are too stinkin' cute.

  7. It's so sweet when pets love each other. Our current kitties are quite fond of each other. They're less cuddly now that it's warmer but they still get on so much better than any pair we've ever had!