Monday, June 8, 2020

Afraid the plauge of loscust.comes next

Friday night  we had lighting/rain  storms. To the 
north west of me lots of lighting strikes.
Saturday afternoon I saw this.

Saturday night KOLD News. Fire started at 200 acres
by Saturday it blew up to 1000, 1500, 1700. Rough
rocky terrain with  cactus and scrub brush.

All of the next photos are from KOLD NEWS  reports.
 See the two jagged peaks on the left, I am on the other side.

 They are starting a fire line to protect  people and homes.

 Waves of fire like waves of ocean.

From Saturday Newscast.


 When my brother was young he would have jumped  in with a team but with terian like this no place to land. You try to contain and hope for no WIND ! You call in the water dropping Hueys and 
retardant drop Planes. 


 Now for your start of the week pretty.
 Fuzzy shot  he only sleeps like this at night.

Pretty pretty.
 We moved the armadillo and iwinston barked like crazy like it.

 Of course Agatha had to help !
Bad bad Armadillo !


Stay safe and smile today.
cheers, parsnip


  1. Fire looks terrifying. Those two armadillo guards looks magnificent.

  2. The pictures of the fire are so frightening! IWinston looks cute sleeping on his back and that picture of Agatha - oh my - she looks so wistful! Love the armadillo hunters. Good job gud dugs!

  3. We redeem cans and bottles at the liquor store. So, no judgment. That would be bad for business.

    1. My friend sent me this and she drinks WINE ! She has her small but full wine cellar.

  4. Wine is GUD! Fire out of control is BAD! But those two beautiful dugs are wonderful. Lovely to see iwinston asleep on his back, paws up and at peace. Agatha is so pretty too! Armadillos are so foreign looking to me!

    We had a BIG black she bear on the back deck at 3:00 am this morning causing a ruckus and ravaging the bird feeder! I ran down, threw open the door and clapped my hands at her. She gave me a dirty look from 8 feet away that said..."Yea right you spongy human, not going anywhere til I'm ready" She finally lumbered off, grumbling as she went, leaving me wide awake for the rest of the night. Sheesh! X

    1. ... and what was the gud dug protecter doing all this time ?
      Poor bear no campers food to take or fish and berries after a hibernating. Thank goodness no cubs.

    2. On duty security gud dug Dottie woke us up with a yappy alarm letting us know something strange was taking place on HER deck! We left her safely in the bedroom as we investigated and then encouraged the cheeky, fat, and very furry bear to exit our property. There's plenty of food for bears to forage right now, but a giant birdfeeder clearly was a delightful amuse bouche and easy mark. LOL

  5. The waves of fire look so scary. Thankful they are working hard to protect people and homes. Please stay safe.
    Love the photo of Winston and Agatha watching armadillo together :-) What cute gud dugs!

  6. The photos of the fire are so disturbing...But your gud dugs are a joy to see...So lovable. Such brave guards against your armadillo!

  7. Those are very frightening pictures. Just one more thing to contend with and the list keeps getting longer.

  8. I suppose the comment "when it rains it pours might be a bit too literal for this blog post." But, enough is enough!

  9. Fire is so scary. Judgmental garbage men...LOL

  10. Seeing the bombers reminds me of the son of a man I know whose son died fighting a forest fire with one of those.