Friday, November 15, 2019

Square Dog Friday.

Another one of the bad bad bad no good very bad weeks again.
Here are sweet faces that help make it better !
Love Scotties shadows.

 Sleepy Agatha.

 Some more reflections photos.

I couldn't get a photo of the huge moon the other night but 
I caught it's reflection in my west window.

I do not like to cook any more I am just so tired
but. . . 
I made a Egg Casserole that takes 2 seconds to mix up and bake.
Saved some to eat now for breakfast and frozen some for later.
I just can't wrap my mind around eating breakfast, meds make me sick
especially in the morning, let alone taking the time to make breakfast
and then clean up after.
So this is a super big help for me.

One side is plain, like the recipe and I mixed some green chilies in the other half.
So easy and so good. A nice help for me.


As always here is your pretty for the weekend.

My lemon tree is blooming again ! ? ? ? ! ! !

cheers,  parsnip


  1. Those two are a tonic for a difficult day.

  2. I'm sorry to hear it has been a bad week. Your two gud dugs sure look sweet. I'm sure they must help to brighten your days. That egg casserole looks delicious!

  3. Thank you for the pretty! Hope your days improve! I enjoyed all of the pictures and the egg casserole is a great idea.

  4. Sorry you're feeling bad. Does the lemon flower have an aroma? The doggies are so sweet. Love the egg casserole idea. I'm always on the lookout for ways to use duck eggs!

  5. Puppy cuddles always help us humans feel better. Lovely photos even for a bad day.

  6. I am so sorry that you had a very bad week. Having those lovely pups around is good medicine.

  7. So sorry for the bad, bad, bad week. So glad you’ve got so much beauty around you.

  8. I'm really sad you've had a bad bad week, sounds like you are sick, but the egg dish is wholesome and I hope it helps you get back to normal soon. Meanwhile the dear ones will be there for a hug and to brighten things up! Oh, and that's a wonderful reflection photo of the pool.

  9. Are you going to share this two second recipe? Love the reflections on your pool. Beautiful. I've tried commenting several times from my phone but can't for some reason. Love all your posts.

  10. Yes Gayle I too would like the recipe - it looks delicious and I too do little in the way of cooking.

  11. Hi, Gayle!

    That's a great picture with Winston casting a Scotty shadow. I love your creative reflection photography, too. You remind me of my dad the shutterbug who was always experimenting. The blossoms on your lemon tree are lovely. I hope you feel better soon, Gayle. It's no fun feeling ill because of the meds you need to take. I'm sorry you don't feel like doing much of anything. Your animals are a blessing. Being around them and observing their behavior makes you smile and laugh. They brighten your days. Please take care of yourself and have a good week, dear friend Gayle!

  12. I'm so so sorry you've had such a bad week. There are some really good anti-nausea medications that could maybe help you if your doc would prescribe them. My hubby takes two different ones to counter the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and (Knock on wood!) his energy level is low, but his appetite is good. The chemo nurse said she didn't want him to lose weight during treatments, and so far, so good! He's gained weight! (I'm cooking him everything his little heart desires...)

    Be well, sweet lady. Hug those sweet dogs of yours and take a nap. May this week be a much better one for you.

  13. Your egg casserole looks yummy and the lemon tree blossom is gorgeous! Is it fragrant?

  14. I’m sorry you had a bad week and I hope coming weeks will be better. I love the Scottie shadow :-) The reflection photos are beautiful. And your egg casserole looks very yummy! Quick and easy dish is always nice :-)

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  16. I'm sorry it's a bad, bad week.
    I can understand not wanting to eat breakfast.
    And with meds, it's gotta be harder.
    Love that you found an egg bake solution.

  17. Dear Parsnip, I'm so sorry to read that your medication is giving you such a hard time, I do hope that things will improve and you will be able to regain some comfort and energy.
    My lemon bush is wrapped in fleece for the cold night to come. It has cropped well this year and has set lots of new little fruits. My father bought the plant for me about forty years ago, so it is very precious.
    Love to you and all four legs. Rx.

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  19. So nice to see the lemon tree blossom, it looks lovely.

    Take care,

    All the best Jan

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