Saturday, November 30, 2019

Square Dog Friday on the next day. . .

Friday !
Tornado watch, big big winds, lots of rain rain rain,
dropping temperature and snow in the mountains.

 Snow peeking through the clouds view from my yard.

This is what I like about Tucson, after the rain you get warm sun and blue skies for a few day
then it snows and rains again then the sunny days come again.

 Snow on the Catalina Mountains.

 Thanksgiving BarkBox yummy treats and turducken and folding casserole dish squeaky toy.

 Naughty gud dugs ? ? ?
Oh what have they been up too ?

Merida and Oliver staying warm on a rainy day.

If I still could travel I would buy this !


cheers,  parsnip


  1. I imagine the cats must watch Winston and Agatha and wonder what on earth dogs are thinking.

    1. They have nothing to do with the dogs... except Merida hisses at them and Oscar runs away.
      Both gud dugs only want to play.

  2. That bark box looks like gud fun for two gud dogs.


  3. I love that cartoon strip and there is an element of truth in it too.

  4. So true only it is "cookie" or "treat" here. Plus any crinkly wrapping has them running.

  5. Your cloud pictures are gorgeous! I love that the gud dugs got a turducken in their Thanksgiving BarkBox!

  6. Hi Gayle!

    You've had some dramatic weather, dear friend. My part of Florida boasted the best weather in the country Thanksgiving day with clear blue skies, temps in the mid 70s and a delightful breeze. The magic word for your gud dogs obedience training is chkikin'. :) I'm happy to see that they received another BarkBox filled with treats and toys.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend Gayle!

  7. I love that turducken. Of all weather systems, tornados frighten me the most.

  8. It's sweet that your kitties like to cuddle.

  9. We're getting our first big snow tomorrow into Tuesday. Not really looking forward to it. Too messy and too cold!

  10. Tucson sky is beautiful! The toy from BarkBox looks fun and perfect for Thanksgiving :-) I hope you all enjoyed a nice holiday!

  11. Turducken squeaky toy? That's hilarious!��Hope it was great.

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