Friday, September 20, 2019

Square Dog Friday #scotty

 #scotty #cute #square dog # sweetpea #adorable


iwinston is chewing a large flat chew treat

Love the beard

Agatha likes to nap on top of her crate. I have put some rugs there so her paws don't stick thru the wire. I had a piece of wood cut to lay on top and was trying to see how it would work out. As soon as I turned away, iwinston jumps up over Agatha to sit on top. Can we say jealous ?

Brain Surgeon Agatha, has new equipment and a new assistant

Naturally iwinston has to try being doctor.

It is hard to see but iwinston is up high sleeping on all the pillows. So Miss Agatha just lay down next to the pillows and cuddled in. Can you say iwinston is a jerk ?


As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.
 When the kids were at at home we always enjoyed talk like a pirate day.

I have been very ill again and the infection has settled in my lungs.
Not so much fun and the gud dugs are very bored with me. 
No fun play time !
Oh No... where is that tennis ball !

cheers,  parsnip


  1. Total adorableness.

    Hopefully recovery time goes smoothly.

  2. I am sorry to hear you've been ill. I hope you feel better very soon! Both gud dugs look so cute! We have two cats and the male cat always takes the toys away from the female cat. If she likes something then he wants it! Aren't animals just like little children?!

  3. Hi friend Gayle. So very sorry you've been under the weather lately. Really hope you'll start feeling better soon!

    That iwinston is so darn cute! Pushing sweet Agatha out of her spot like that...but I guess he was in residence first so feels he can toss his weight around.

    Wee Dorothy (Dottie) is doing great and goes in to the Vet for her snip surgery Monday. Hopefully it will help to slow down her crazy puppy behaviors. Six months old and still a wild child. Isn't it funny that I finally find a name for her that NOBODY else seems to have for their dog...and our friend John of Going Gently is about to take on a foster by the same name? But I think we'll be in very good company! Take care. Wishing you a good restful and healing weekend. X

  4. Hi, Gayle!

    I am sad to learn that you aren't feeling well, dear friend. I hope you get the necessary treatment and bounce back to full health soon.

    Looks like Winston is determined to be top dug. I would trust Agatha to perform brain surgery on me. I've got nothing to lose. :) I doubt even your gud dugs would be willing to eat that pumpkin spice Spam.

    Please take good care of yourself and have a restful weekend, dear friend Gayle!

  5. IWinston is always cute, even when he's acting otherwise. Lol
    Feel better!!

  6. So sorry you've been ill and hope you have a very complete recovery and rest well! I do love your photos of the gud dugs!

  7. I am deeply dismayed to hear that SPAM has succumbed to pumpkin spice. LOL

    You are in my prayers, Gayle.

  8. So sorry you have been ill again Parsnip. Love and cuddles from me and Tess.

  9. Winston is so funny taking over Agatha’s favorite spot on crate and hogging the pillows. He is such a character :-)
    I’m so sorry to hear you have been sick. Sending hugs and I hope you feel better soon xo

  10. Sorry to hear of your illness. I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Hope you fell better soon. And I'm going to pass on the pumpkin spice spam...yuck!

  12. Sorry to hear your health hasn't been too good. Hope the dogs are looking after you.

  13. Hope you feel better soon! Such sweet dogs! Pumpkin spice spam??? Oh dear god!

  14. So sorry to read you've been ill, sending healing thoughts and hoping you feel better very soon.

    Loved seeing the photographs of your dogs.

    All the best Jan