Friday, September 13, 2019

Flash Back Friday

Square Dog Friday, such a nice day.

My photo app sends me random photos from the Gallery.
I never know what will pop up.
Here are a few of them.

 When I moved back to Tucson after a life away,
thehamish and Watson.

The Famous Two Headed Scotty of Tucson.
thehamish loved Watson, he was always near him. Watson was his touchstone.

 Here he is squishing in. Watson was so good to him.

 thehamish was the best at photobomb

 He always made me smile. He was so quirky.

Farmer  thehamish always had to help.

Bath time with thehamish
 Watson, would sit and just look at his favorite bunny. They would sit and look through the
fence at each other for the longest time. Very Zen this went on for over a year.

 He was an old soul.

 He loved sweets from my pancakes to fortune cookies.

He only had a small piece.

 I miss them so much, my heart swells and breaks again when I see these photos.

As alway here is your pretty for the weekend.

iwinston and Agatha 
Lizzzzard hunters.

 He know there is a lizard under the rocks, maybe or maybe not.
He is obsessed !

cheers,  parsnip


  1. The lizard hunters are adorable!

    Hamish and Watson are definitely missed.

  2. Such gud dogs.

    Janie, Franklin, and Penelope

    1. They are my family and I miss them all plus Samantha and Kirby.

  3. Love all the pictures of happy gud dugs!

    1. I love (swad too) to see them again.
      Forever in my heart

  4. Hi, I follow you on gfc #128, follow back? ;)

  5. What lovely pictures! It's so nice to see Watson and Hamish.

  6. Hi, Gayle!

    I knew it would be hard for me to look at these old pictures of pets that have passed away, same as it is for you, same as it is when I see pictures of my Toto. I know that Watson is the square dog you miss the most. I can see why. Watson was already gone by the time I started following you. I got to know thehamish and now I miss him like he had been my own. I still have that picture of thehamish draped in tiny Christmas lights and use it as my desktop background every holiday season. There is nothing as special as the love between a human and a dog. Bless you and thank you for displaying these memories.

    Enjoy your weekend, dear friend Gayle!

    1. You always write suce nice comments.
      I am sure thehamish would be very happy that you have him on your computer. That photo is my phone wallpaper and I kiss his little face every night,.

  7. These pics are all fabulous, but my favorite is of the famous "two-headed" Scottie. It twists my heart to see it, so I can just imagine how it makes you feel. The pic of iwinston and Agatha shows that they've become close, too.

    1. I love that photo also !
      They were just the best friends.

  8. It’s wonderful to see thehamish and Watson. They were such sweet dogs and so adorable together. But I understand seeing them in the photos is also heartbreaking. Sending hugs xo

    1. Just like your little Kit. They crawl into our hearts.

  9. Replies
    1. It was always the same adult bunny. It was their moment in Zen. I miss that.
      Winston was a big Scotty but so gentle. He lost his hearing and near the end almost completely blind. I use to kiss the top of his head and talk to him everyday. I hope he herd me.