Friday, October 19, 2018

Square Dog Friday, more stuff. . .

Best day of the week is here
woof !

so tired beenin' securrity iwinston
oh woe


Truffles has decided that she loves cuddling at night.
She climbs up the ramp and runs right for me and nestles in.
iwinston is not so sure about this turn of events.
He is not a big cuddler but if he wanted to he would like the space open.
He is a little jerk.

iwinston usually leaves a kibble or two for Truffles to find.
He is such a gud dug. I heart him.

So LOVE this shop !
I want to live there. . .

 or here !

iwinston is not so sure about this
what is this iwinston is seein' before my gud dugs eyes


now iwinston  lookin' away lookin' away
no gud can becommmin' from this

see iwinston is sayin'
forst this ones
now more is commmin'
nice tall person who feeds me is crazey
iwinston is the bestest' gud scotty dug in her life


As always here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

After his walk iwinston walked over to the table and started to go under
the chair. Not sure why he stopped half way. I just had the table moved
it weighs a ton, so I think that might have confused him ?

He stood like this for a very long time not moving.
Oh My Goodness I love this weird gud dug !
Always something new and different.

I now am using Pancaked Poodle for everything in my life.

Now y'all have a good weekend.

cheers,  parsnip and badger


  1. I rarely see a Scottie up here in the Dales but there was one in town this morning in a very smart tartan waistcoat. I thought instantly of Winston.

    1. I bought him a tartan coat and hat when he was a puppy. Sadly he can not fit into it anymore.
      I have to fix it !

  2. Winston is thinking that purse 'is shaped like me but isn't me. This is most confusing.'

    Winston and Truffles are such cuties!

    1. They are really sweet and weird at the same time.

  3. Replies
    1. I hope you have a great Friday also !

    2. Now Wednesday. Snow in Vermont today. Not much but enough to give fair warning. Winter's coming...

  4. He looks like he's thinking, "Wait a minute. This wasn't here before!"

  5. I keep going to Radley's to look around and I don't even have a Scottie. Have a good weekend. Tell iWinston I'll keep my eyes open for a Scottie constellation, there certainly should be one

    1. They have some wonderful bag. I love the red one very much
      iwinston said he is Godzilla so all is gud

  6. That Scotty purse is really pretty! More stuff coming woo hoo :-)
    Winston standing under chair is so adorable. I wonder what was in his mind. He is so wonderfully weird, isn’t he? :-)

    1. He is so weird I do think he might have some neurological problems.

  7. Dear Truffles, I love to think of her feeling safe enough to go for cuddles now. Iwinston, hilarious as always!

    1. She is allowed on my bed so she loves the cuddles. She has her nose almost in my neck.
      It is my way to love her because I can get down on the floor.

  8. Winston is always so absolutely adorable! I've been remiss in my reading (and writing) so I need to do a big time jump now to find out what I've missed here! have a great weekend, sugar! xox

    1. You always seem to have a wonderful weekend ! I love it.
      I have been trying to catch up also but it it hard, my brain is wonky and I will have to go in for another Iodine test. licky me.

  9. I will say happy Sunday since it took me that long to get over here!

    1. No worries I am still trying to catch up to everyone. I have a hard time with the computer and reading
      Thank You for stopping by.

  10. I do think Winston and Truffles are cuties :)
    Always good to see the photographs you share.

    Hope your weekend has been good, enjoy the coming new week - they zoom by so quickly!

    All the best Jan

    1. Truffles is so sweet I am so happy that I can spoil her in her old age.

  11. Truffles is so cute and I wish I could give her and Winston a cuddle! :) One day I'm going to come visit and do just that!! :) haha.

    1. And I would love to come visit you also.
      Thank You so much for your beautiful card.

  12. Winston and Truffles are so sweet and lovable. :)

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  14. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos. They must love playtime outside but even better is the nap time afterward. We try to take night time sleeping photos too but they don't like when we do that. Have a great rest of your weekend.
    World of Animals