Monday, December 4, 2017

How to kill a person and get away with it part 2

How to kill a person and get away with it.
Part 2

The Death of Kate Steinle

#1 Live in the sanctuary city of San Francisco in sanctuary state of  California
The entire bureaucracy of California sentimentalizing illegals
who can not speak English have little or no education from Mexico 
and protect them over American citizens ?

#2 Be an illegal. 
Especially if you have been deported 5 times and a convicted drug dealer

#3  The only way you cross the border 6 time without being caught 
you must be a drug mule for the cartels.

#4 Live on the street getting free food and places to sleep paid by 
the tax dollars of working people.

#5 Find a gun (steal a gun)

#6 Go to a busy pier and play with the gun waiting to sell or deliver it.

#7 "It goes off" and kills a woman walking with her father.
Katy Steinle died in her father's arms.

#8 Get arrested (again)  even though the SFP let you out of jail early (selling drugs)
so ICE who had a hold on you could not find you.
The police let this criminal go free and he killed Kate Steinle.

#9 Two years later you have a trial where 12 people (?) acquit you of Murder ?
I mean where did they find 12 people who would vote not guilty ?. 
The stunning not guilty verdict on charges  ranging from Involuntary Manslaughter 
to First Degree Murder even though he admitted to shooting Kate Steinle.

The defense Council gave most of the post verdict press conference in Spanish.
The real people who are guilty are the San Francisco politicians  who made the laws 
that prevent ICE from removing the criminal Zarate from the streets. 
They allowed him to kill Kate Steinle.
The parents sued the Police Captain of San Francisco and they lost the case.
They should have sued 
Governor Jerry Brown
Nancy Pelosi
City Council of San Francisco, 
Police of San Francisco
Supreme Court of California
DNC, La Raza and the ACLU
All supporters of the criminal Zarate
and the govemment of Mexico

All these people have blood on their hands.
The Supreme Court of California barred a high school in the central valley,
from letting students wear shirts that had the United States Flag on them but
allowed hispanic students to wear the Mexican flags on their shirts.

Zarate is a poster boy for the folly of sanctuary policies but also the mass 
low-skilled hispanic immigration that has transformed California. 
Barely literate drug dealer from Mexico no english 
and several criminal aliases, Garcia Zarate had been deported five times 
by Federal Immigration following convictions for various crimes.
"Michael Wash, Gimme Shelter (2)"
also read 
Roger Simon  The Unintended Consequences of the Steinle Decision
and Miscarriage of Justice in the Profoundest Sense.

Build a wall but also have it patrolled by our Army like every country in the world does.
Who says we have to accept every hispanic that Mexico is dumping on America.
Mexico is one of the richest countries but also the most corrupt, even more so than Russia.
They do not take care of their people. Mexico expects America to.

 Most of all stop giving money to the illegals who cross our borders.
That will be the greatest deterrent to them and Mexico.

I lived in California for 40 years.
It had dropped from one of the best, most educated states to an education backwater.
 California hispanic majority school age population  have no linguistic skills or math skills.
Even though the school districts spend mass amounts of money on them. 
If they stay in school they drop-out at age 15 with little or no English.

California has become a third world country= mexifornia

There is nothing happy or good about this post today.
CBS Morning News gave it a 15 news bite the next day.
Sad so very sad.

Happy news tomorrow !


  1. Replies
    1. I have been talking and writing about this for 15 years.
      Never gets better only more dangerous.

  2. Yep. When laws are not enforced for certain groups of people, we've abandoned freedom and justice for all. If this continues there will be many many more tragic avoidable stories like Kate Steinle's.

  3. I agree with everything you wrote. I taught in California and what passes for education out there is a disgrace. If I were the parent of that poor girl I'd shoot that piece of Mexican trash, think a jury would convict me.

    1. They would convict you because your mean how dare you.
      You know when La Raza gets hillary's vote out they all protest trumps with the colors of mexico, and all signs are in spanish.
      Shoot him in the legs so he cannot cross again.

  4. Thank you for having the courage to write this. I live there and let me tell you! I pay 13k in property taxes a year on an 1700 sq ft ranch. Around 3 % of that returns to my town. The rest? You guessed it. I support this guy and the types of people who acquitted him. Makes my blood boil!

    1. I lived south. San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point and ended up in Laguna Beach. After the divorce, I had to leave, could not afford all the taxes. But if I was an illegal....

  5. Very sad... I can’t even imagine how devastated the girl’s family is.

  6. I'm guessing that facts, as in stuff that actually happened that can be proved by the simple act of not taking Fox News as the sole source of your information, probably don't much interest you, but if you want to be a tiny bit more accurate in your tirade, you might want to check your bullshit claim that the California Supreme Court barred high school students from wearing T-shirts that had the U.S. flag on it...the California Supreme Court did no such thing, ever. The correct story is here:

    I send this to you just in case, you know, you don't want to sound like an idiot, spouting off like a mean, bitter, racist old lady.

  7. Vivian, thank you for the correction. You are right but that is not the article I read. I must have read one of the quick news info. If I have time, I will try to find out where I read this.
    Just a quick answer, I am 72 handicapped lady with a brain injury, so some of my facts do get mixed up.
    I should have checked my facts better. As I only read the LA Times, Tucson Daily Star, watched CBS, MSMBC and CNN I am not sure where I read this.

    I hit the wrong button so my fact by fact reply was deleted. And just writing this comment has taken me 35 minutes.

    I am sorry you have to call me names when to the best of my feelings I wrote what I did.
    I hope a loved one of yours will never be hurt and killed in an illegal caused accident.
    I am sorry you think anyone who does not agree with you a Fox News watcher.
    I am sorry I have to say I am a Democrat, Cesar Chavez supporter all those years ago.

    You have shown your prejudices to anyone who does not agree with you by the tone of your comment.
    You have made assumptions of me that are not true.

    I lived in California for many years and now moved back to Tucson.
    Come live in a border town for a year and listen to our news and see what is happening to the education system here.

    Thank you for responding but please do not make assumptions about me.

  8. Thank you for posting this, Gayle.

  9. Don’t pay attention to her. I’ve seen her elsewhere and she is usually nasty. Just ignore her.

    The main thrust of your post; that a miscarriage of justice occurred, remains. And that the jury delivered a verdict steeped in politics and not the law or any reasonable interpretation of the inescapable facts in this case.

    Gotta shake my head when someone like Ms Swift accuses YOU of sounding mean and bitter lol. Mirror, anyone?

    Keep speaking the truth. You have every right.

  10. Well, Thank you so much. I just wanted to point out that out but I should not have tossed in the high school point. I am better with one though posts and my Scotties.

    1. It is unfortunately super easy to do with BOTH sides of any argument spewing out “fake news” or rumor reported as fact. Every reputable news organization has been caught not verifying everything tgey report. You’re a blogger for goodness sake. If CNN can do it on occasion you can too!

      As I said earlier, the point of the whole post was the miscarriage of justice of not only the verdict but the refusal of “some people” to respect and follow the law. And about bullies who would silence and shame people with the “racist” word when nothing about this young woman’s death or the desire to have our borders respected is racist. But it’s the cheap accusation of the intellectually dishonest

      I read often because I’m a dog lover and I enjoy the pics of the pups and your lovely home. I had no idea we agreed about more than that. Keep speaking your mind. The Vivian’s of the world can just move on. If only!