Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday Monday, so good to me. . .

Early morning at iwinston's home.

Pretty sunrises this weekend. The morning temperatures are a lovely cool 56 
but the days are  still too warm. 
Yesterday our high was 89, hottest city in the United States.
This is 10/15 degrees higher than it should be.

Fall is the most lovely season in Tucson, after our very hot summers.
We all love our Fall days in the 70's.

Early mornings.




Mondays sunrise.




 So wonderful, so quiet and beautiful.
Love hearing the birds.

yesh iwinston is like sitting next to nice tall person who feeds me iwinston
iwinston is findin' out my name was to be hoover
guessing thats' ok but real name is
manadable scourge and very pretty scotty of the desert land and beyound

 Morning find !
He dropped (?) his piggie into one of his small digging spot.


As alway just because I can here is your start of the week pretty.

Looking for a baby gift and found this. Love it !
What a hoot.
Love the little pea running with joy.

cheers,  parsnip


  1. One wonders sometimes what goes through the mind of a doggie!

    Beautiful skies!

  2. Such lovely pics and as usual, Winston is a doll baby! That sign is adorable! :) Pig in a hole.....!

  3. That pea is adorable! (I was also a sucker for the sprout the BBC had on the start of all their Christmas programmes last year). Gorgeous photos. There was ice on the car here this morning. My word, Mandibles ears are growing enormous! Poppy approved of the piggy in the hole- she dropped a piece of plastic in a hole yesterday, I think she was tidying up :o)

  4. Mandibles, you have a very pretty home. Sometimes Franklin hides a favorite toy under the leaves. He always finds them again later unless the lawn mower chews them up.


  5. Fall day in 70’s is really pleasant. Sceneries from your home are so beautiful and peaceful. It’s super adorable of Winston to put his piggie in the digging spot :-) Wonder if he meant to bury it! The book is very cute. Why vegetables in underwear? LOL that would be a great gift!

  6. I have no idea why veggies need underwear but so funny

  7. It is so gorgeous where you live! The half buried pig cracked me up.

  8. What are you doing up at the break of dawn Gayle? I'm impressed. I looked at my bed this morning an hour after rising and wanted to climb back in. It is beautiful there and my life would be better at 70 degrees all year long.

    1. Puppy time ! We are on Puppy Time !
      It has slowly gotten down from 4:30, 5, 5:45 now 6 to 6: 30. Praise the lord and pass the pillows. Thank Goodness !

  9. Replies
    1. They are the ones I had for Watson and thehamish.

  10. The photos are beautiful, Gayle.

    I'm behind in blog reading. Just catching up now. I had a bad allergic reaction to something--we still don't know what.