Friday, August 11, 2017

Two Square Dogs and Winston

bestest day of week is here
not knowin' what that is meaning  all days are bestest
thehamish showed me how to write on friday

i gots new name that everyone is likin'
it is a gud name and i and liken it

 i is helpin' lookin' for dishes

 nice tall person who is feedin me is not likin' me chewing the brakes on her wakin' thingie
this is bad thingie it runs over my foot many times as i walkin' under and around it

As alway here is your pretty for the weekend.

 This is what happens when Daughter comes for a visit.  She makes healthy veggie, vegan, gluten free
yummy food. I was talking about Twinkies and ended up making a running joke about them.
So Daughter whipped out my cookbook and made me some.


Thursday afternoon sky.

Thank You all for the lovely letters, notes and comments the last few days.
I have cried buckets of tears and am very happy to know that the thehamish,  
has made so many people happy following his daily antics of a 
Little Square Black Dog.
He and his Watson where the best gud dugs and made my life so much better.

cheers,  parsnip


  1. It's perfect, he's definitely a Winston, you need to get him a toy cigar. I hope he brings you many years of joy. Who knew you could make Twinkies at home.

  2. He is so joyful!! Much love to you, sugar, and enjoy those treats!! ;) xoxox

  3. I love Winston's name and boy is he cute. Looks like a teddy bear on his back and the one of him looking in the drawer is priceless. So happy you have him to keep you busy and I am sure really busy.

  4. Winston is adorable! Sending much love your way!

  5. Like the new name. Fun pics.

  6. Oh those mandibles! Adorable, and we all love the name Winston. It fits! X

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    1. Hi, Gayle!

      There's nothing like a puppy to keep your spirits up, and cute little Winston (aka Mandibles of Doom) seems to have the cure you need to chase the blues. He is every bit as photogenic as Watson and thehamish. He looks like one of those battery powered toys with a squeaky inside and I am sure he is full of energy and mischief. Surely his antics will turn that frown upside down.

      I'd love to taste those healthy alternative Twinkies your daughter made for you!

      Yessum, I loved thehamish, and I am sure I will come to love Winston, too. Thank goodness you got him a few weeks ago so that he can help fill the tremendous void created by thehamish's departure. God bless, Gayle!

  8. Winston is a great name!

    Healthy twinkies...whoda thunk? LOL

  9. Winston - what a cute little chap - we look forward to all his adventures.

  10. Winston is a great name for him! But I love themandibles as his nickname heh heh :-) He looks such a happy dog just like thehamish and Watson were! Your daughter is wonderful to get you healthy alternative for Twinkies. Those snacks look very yummy!

  11. Oh, he's so lovely! Winston suits him. I'm very glad he's there looking after you. X

  12. Winston is adorable - it doesn't mean that we will ever forget Watson and the Hamish - they were adorable too. But I hope now that you get great comfort from the fact that you made their lives such happy ones and that now you concentrate on doing the same for Mandibles. Yes I do love Winston but shall always think of him as Mandibles too.

  13. Winston, you are a gud, gud, gud puppy. I bet you are a big help to the nice tall person.


  14. Winston is a very good name. A neighbour had a couple of labs... one was named Winston, and the other Churchill.

  15. I'm so so sorry to hear about thehamish. Your heart must be breaking, but it's awesome that you have that adorable Winston to keep you company. (PERFECT name!) Watson and thehamish are having a grand reunion... without pain, but with good eyesight and all the chew toys and chicken treats they can eat.

  16. Stops my heart!Such a cutie and twinkies too!

  17. Winston...yes, he definitely looks like a Winston! He came into your life at just the right time,Gayle.

  18. Winston is an excellent for an excellent little square dog.

  19. So sorry to read about Hamish..... but happy to be introduced to Winston :-)

  20. Winston - gud dug!

    ithehamish - you were a gud dug, cute, funny. sorry to hear of your crossing over the rainbow bridge.

  21. Looks like a teddy bear on his back and the one of him looking in the drawer is priceless. So happy you have him to keep you busy and I am sure really busy.


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