Monday, January 30, 2017

One of those Mondays...

Picasa still not working so I tried a roundabout and these photos posted !
Hurrah,  I think ?
We will see if I can get this to work a second time.

The sun reflecting the glass ball on the bowl that sits on the kitchen nook table.
Reminds me of a Nautilus shell.

 One of the Agave family.


And just because I can here is your pretty for the start of the week.

Yes, GODZILLA is my hero !
Along with TOTORO.

light. . . parsnip
music. . . Until You Come Back To Me,  Aretha Franklin


  1. The agave is a real stand out!

    Godzilla rules!

  2. Loved the agave photo and the amazing special effects made by the sin and glass ball.

  3. Beautiful photos...and I LOVE the sweatshirt. GODZILLA yes! X

  4. Replies
    1. I have many but not that one. I need to order one.

  5. It is like a nautilus isn't it? Lovely quality photos Parsnip.

  6. I LOVE how you look at the world with an artist's eye... and then share it with us. :)

    Have a super week, dear lady.

    1. You share you very clever writing writing with us.

  7. The bowl is lovely, but Godzilla is divine!!!!

  8. That agave is very happy where it lives. Beautiful. Of course, I'd toddle into it and be stabbed and sawn by it. Show me a cactus and we come in contact. Pretty photos. I thought Picasa was gone.

    1. Picasa is here but will not grow, My photos are on it.

  9. Wow such beautiful pictures! Both glass ball on the bowl and agave are so dreamy. Godzilla shirt is very cute. What it says game me chuckle :-)

  10. And I amsure the Hamish is one of those three.

    1. But of course !
      Japanese Son said to me the three were granddaughter Mia, Molly and Adam.... I said no I have several threes and he is on one of them.

  11. Parsnip, looks like your photo work around method works just great! I really liked this mix. xo

  12. Hi, Gayle!

    I love nature's artwork, the example in this post being that pretty pattern made by the sun reflecting a glass ball on your table. It reminded me of some of the most beautiful song lyrics ever - "Regions of May" by Pearls Before Swine.

    The past
    Is broken like an hourglass
    And the scattered sand
    Of circumstance
    Was blinding
    Me to you

    The rain
    Is whispering to my window pane
    And drawing
    Crazy patterns
    On the blind

    Your face
    Is invading the portals of my eyes
    And drawing
    Crazy patterns
    On my mind

    Who created mist
    Created your smile
    And who created rainbows
    Created you

    I always wanted to own a century plant. There are some magnificent specimens here in Florida and I saw plenty of them out your way.

    Thanks, dear friend Gayle!

  13. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog... the glass bowl makes a lovely pattern..
    Amanda xx

  14. Gayle - you ask what the meaning is of saying rabbits for the first of the month - I don't know but if you read Thelma's answer on my post you will see that she has given a reference where you can discover the reason.

  15. I've got to get a Godzilla hoodie!

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