Friday, May 23, 2014

Square Dog Friday... it is a gift

It is Friday again. 
The days go by so fast and zoom by when your ill !
I have lost a week.
But no matter what The Square Ones have their day. No matter what.
It is in their contract.
Or they drag me back into arbitration.  And I always lose.
More chkinik' strips.
So lets woof it !
 We just came back from our herbal body wraps
We are looking and feeling really good.
 yesh i thehamish is lookin' gud
mememememememememememememememeeme gud.
tie thingie ichie so i am scrachin' it and ripped it

No pretty today but a hope.

I live in Tucson, Arizona. 
Today there are four major fires in our beautiful state.
From Flagstaff (north) to Tucson (south) our state is on fire.
I know in many parts of the U.S.  are having rain, hailstorms and wind.
Horrible is horrible no matter where you are.
But if you have followed this blog you know I lost my home (i993) in a fire storm
when I lived in Laguna Beach, California. 
The fire was set by some crazed, stupid, horrible idiot.

 My neighborhood
 With my children in the car I raced the fire down the hill. 
One second we were safe the next it was raining fire on us.
The wind had changed.
As we drove south out of town the fire was coming straight towars us.
I remembering telling my older son, if the fire hit the road to hold on the his brother and sisters hands and jump in the ocean. We were on Pacific  Coast Hwy 
right next to the ocean. They were all good ocean swimmers.
I would follow.  You save your children first.
So this weekend no matter were you are to hug your family, friends or pets.
Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul.
 My garage looked like this even with six fire trucks parked in front of my home.
Soldiers patrolling outside the "window of my studio" tamping down
any hot spots.
My home was the second one from the white home on on the right.
So this weekend I hope we all can think for even just a second how 
very luck we are.
We need to remember our families, friends and of course our loving pets.
Smile today.

hope. . . parsnip
music. . . Stay,  Blue Merle


  1. The gud dugs do look very handsome after their herbal wraps, p.

    Sending you my love.

  2. How close are the fires to you now, Gayle?

    Hope you're feeling better. Having those two around has to lift your spirits a lot.

  3. Oh my dear Gayle - how I feel for you and how those awful fires must bring back memories for you. Also to be feeling ill yourself - I hope those square ones are able to cheer you up. Tess and I send our love.

  4. How terrifying that must have been driving yourself and children away from the wildfire with the wind and all!

    You're right we are all lucky and have plenty to smile about now. Take care.

  5. I remember that fire and worked at the LA TIMES when that happened. That was horrible and to me it was another painful front page story but to you it was everything. I'm so sorry you had to live through such a disaster. Blessings to you and your babies. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  6. I hope you get rain soon there... sounds like you need it. And I hope you're feeling better soon.

  7. oh my gosh how awful that had to be and i'm sure it's something you never really get over either... but those square boys are lookin' gud! yert! now roche' wants an herbal body wrap!

    smiles, bee

  8. Fires are such a scary thing.

  9. Oh no that is heartbreaking. It's really unfair you had to lose your home by fire because of that horrible person.
    I hope the fire won't cause any more damage to your beautiful state and hope you are all safe.

  10. Thank You all for your wonderful and caring comments.
    cheers, parsnip

  11. Glad to see the boys looking so chipper.
    My holiday made me realise how very lucky I am.
    Fire is a fearsome thing - I'm so glad you and your children survived and I hope the memory of it fades. Take care of yourself.

  12. I'm still new here, so I didn't know any of this. Good gosh.