Monday, May 5, 2014

Parley view parsnip.... haboob

Well it was that kind of week.
The tie down your garbage cans and small dogs type of week.
Lots of wind, dust and packrats !
Crazy haboob type of weather.  

There are several wildfires burning in Arizona and one is east of 
Tucson at Redington Pass.  It was human caused and has consumed  125 acres so far.
Crews are using a helicopter, three heavy air tankers and one attack plane in addition to ground crew working hard to contain this fire. 
The winds and the dry conditions are not helping.
As I write this post Sunday night at 10pm it is 80 degrees with the high at 96.
Monday will be the same and the hot winds will be back on Tuesday.
Wildfire weather.

Another of my Lilly Cactus was blooming on Friday.
 That night the packrats climbed over the wall 
and ate all the blooms and new buds !

 So pretty and now are all gone.
F#@*^%#* packrats.

 Here are the gud dug being very quiet for a second.
Why ?
Because I told thehamish to drop the toys because he stole Watson's.
He had both of them in his mouth, naughty.
Just look at him, so sweet so innocent and yet and yet so naughty.
Innocent thehamish is on the right.

 A second later.....
sorry, blurry action photo.

 ummmmmmmmmm but Mum it sounded like we had to kill it and eat it.
Watson loves to rip the toys apart and pull out all the insides.

 They took green pig to another room and proceeded to destroy it.
Life is gud !

yert !

Here is your pretty to start the week
Thursday morning was windy but by the afternoon the wind had dropped.
The dust particles in the still air  diffused the light.

Twilight at my backyard.

dusty. . . parsnip
music. . . Passing By,  Ulrich Schnauss


  1. So sorry to hear about wildfire. I hope it gets extinguished and stops causing any more damage.
    Your lily cactus is beautiful! What a bright red color. Your dugs are so adorable. I can understand such sweet and innocent dug being so naughty too :-) My Goro is exactly like that.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog and for your question, yes I like that toy. Sometimes "I" like my boys' toys even though they don't :-)
    Your backyard photo is very lovely and romantic! Happy Monday and have a wonderful new week!

  2. Destroying the toy is the whole point, after all!

  3. The Lily Cactus will bloom again!

  4. Nasty little packrats... Glad you got the photos first.

  5. AH! Another action-packed Destruction Derby (® 2 Square Ones)!
    This was missing on Square Dog Friday, but they made up for it today! WUFF! YERT!

  6. You're gonna have to dub your boys the Demolition Duo! They have a definite talent for showing toys who's the boss.

    Great pics, as always. It's awful that the fires have started already.