Friday, June 28, 2013

Square Dog Friday... It was only 107 today

Well we know what day it is 
and we know who is happy about it !
So lets woof it.
Negotiations are over finally and the new addendum to paragraph 2  sub section 5
are now in place.
As usual the Square Ones didn't need a lawyer.  Who needs one when you have big sad booboo eyes and crawl up on the management lap and fall asleep.
I was putty in their paws.
The chicken strip clause has been renegotiated, in their favor of course.
yert !

Hot hot hot hot hot !
I, Watson wanted to sit by nice tall person who feeds us, when she exercised in the pool.
It was hot, too hot 107 on Thursday, for a Little Black Square Dog.
Plus no clouds in the sky, so much sunlight.

Mum made a shady spot for me to sit so I didn't get too hot or sunburned.

yesh i gud dug thehamish is doing that
sitting in the shady spot mum made for me
first I gots to sit first firstfirst
mememememememe me first

sqiuirrrrellllllll !
yert !

i is alway helpin' clean pool i  gud dug thehamish


but old gud dug Watson havenin' to take a nap after the sunndyday
and that's gud he is gud dug and needs nappin'

and we is gud friends gud gud gud friends

Here is your pretty to start the weekend.

On these very hot days, 112 today 113 tomorrow monsoon storms starting Monday,
the look and sound of water is so needed and quite lovely.
I will be putting water out in shady places for the birds and critters.
 The citrus tree timers will be turned on earlier in the morning to help.


Depending on the hybrid, they can be called
Hedgehog, Sea-urchin, Easter lily or even Peanut cactus.
Small clumping cactus with usually a long stem
with large bloom. Can have smaller blooms covering the whole cactus.

burning. . . parsnip
Walking On The Sun. . . Smashmouth

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  1. Please stay hydrated Parsnip. Boys too!

  2. Nice to see the smart dog finding the shady spot.

  3. I can't even imagine that. It got up to the low 90's here ( breaking a record for our place in the mountains of Alaska I do believe) I didn't mind it so much with fans blowing at night as we have no AC here. 107 just sounds oppressive. Hope it breaks for you soon and that your abode is a comfortable shelter for you and your square buddies.
    It's cooled off here now but has turned to wildfire smoke.

    1. Tucson is hazy from the smoke from the New Mexico fires. I thought they were high clouds at first.

  4. Cute pictures, I love the gud friends one the best. I am so looking forward to some rain. :)

    1. Watson puts up with a lot from thehamish... he is a gud friend

  5. Beautiful cacti pics. Your boys are so cute as always. My boys hate going outdoors in the middle of the day. They like early mornings of late evenings.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    1. They will go out anytime but come back in fast !

  6. Oh Parsnip that is too hot for me!!!!!! even though I'm tired of the grey chilly weather here in the UK.

  7. Much, much too hot, boys! Makes me want to see winter come back soon...

  8. Yep-- hot, hot-- we are seeing 100 degree weather today-- too... sigh

  9. i just love fridays here! such cute gud boys! yert! stay hydrated honey...

    hugs, bee

  10. Hope you cool down soon!

  11. Your pool looks SO inviting. Do they ever jump in? Snip is NOT a swimmer by any means.

  12. Beautiful cacti...but not as cute as the Square Ones!

    Poor babies...the heat's really getting to them, isn't it?