Saturday, June 29, 2013

In search of water, 113 today

Just somewhat hot today.
Only 113 !

Morning at my home 

Following photos taken through my studio window, Friday.
One of the water dishes that I have placed in the wells of the citrus trees.
When the bubbles go on the dishes fill up.

Northern Cardinal

Round Tail Ground Squirrel.
I leave the new growth on the base of the Orange tree for the extra shade
 in the hot summer.


Quail Mum and her younglings.
The newly hatched babies are so small they look like pebbles
so every photo I take of them never comes out.
These are somewhat older and they grow very fast.
By the end of summer all but 2 or 3 of the 10 to 12 hatched
will be left.

Sunrise over the Rincon Mountains.
We are getting some moisture, monsoon possibly start tomorrow.
The grey haze is smoke from the New Mexico wildfires.
The winds are circling east to west.
We need the winds/monsoons coming up from the south west off the Pacific.

Another wild animal in search of water !

help. . . parsnip
music. . . Lose Your Soul,  Dead Man's Bones
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  1. Love that last photo of the square wild animal!!
    I adore cardinals - I once saw one on one of my visits to the US - it was so exciting.

  2. The wild animal at the end looks fierce!

    We get cardinals up here too, of course, through the year.

    And that road runner needs himself a coyote to be friends with.

    1. I always think Cardinals belong in the colder north and east coast. All those years of Christmas cards with snow, fir trees and a bright red Cardinal.
      So I am sill surprised when I see them around my home.

  3. hot, hot, hot......ohh.....ouch! Glad to see you left bowls out for the animals. I do that too!

  4. your world is lovely! yert...

    smiles, bee

  5. It got hot here yesterday. I sprayed for buggies this morning with CedarCide..... Louie brought home fleas from playing at Greg's.

  6. p, I have to say I love that last picture best. I am also very impressed with your visiting Northern Cardinal. Stay in the shade, dear friend!

  7. Love your critter pics--especially that wild beast in the last one!