Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday with Waldie... and other stuff

Monday Waldie came for a visit, and he brought along daughter.
The nice tall person who plays with the Square Ones.
Then Waldie got tired
and became "The Princess An The Pea"

All curled up for a nap.

just like a tiny coffee bean.

ummmm thehamish wanting to know whot is going on ?
im' hearin the camera but im' not there
im' thinkin' i should be there
why not ?

whot no thehamish in the photo ?
oh woe is me

im' thinkin' photo better whit thehamish.

Daughter came over and went grocery shopping with me.
In fact she took pity on my lack of fun spicy food
I am glutten and nightshade free for six months.
As thehamish would say "oh woe is me"
And made some pickled radishes with carrots.
The green item on top is a left over tomatillo that escaped the chopping board 
for Green Tomatillo Salasa Verde sauce daughter made.

Chicken was added to the sauce.
Then she made Flat Enchiladas. 

Layering three corn totoriallias with the sauce.

then top with green onions, green olives

add some cheese and a few more green onions.

now tucked away in the freezer.

pretty !

This was so good
Daughter is a great cook, she is vegan but can cook anything.
No recipe needed.
Ack ! just looked up tomatillo and they are a nightshade !
I was under the impression I could eat them.
Bummer !
They now go on the do not eat list.
Oh well it was great while it lasted !
Woe is me !
Son can eat them all now.

Meanwhile, Watson is outside enjoying the lovely Fall weather before Winter comes.
Good old dogs get to do that.
My sweet baboo !

tomatillo. . .parsnip
music. . . Old Time Rock and Roll,   Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band.
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  1. I wonder if there is a Michelin Guide for rest homes for dogs?
    Yours would definitely warrant four stars I'm thinking:)

    1. I keep saying ... when I die I want to come back as my dogs.
      I don't dress them up or color their fur or carry them in bags but I take really good care of them
      They have a nice yard to play in, I cook for their specials diets and give them mass quantities of pills.... and chikin' strips for thehamish and Watson gets yam strips.
      They have a pretty good life even though no more walks from me.

  2. She is an amazing cook! When she visited, she taught me all kinds of things.
    What a nice picture of Watson.

    1. Yes, she can cook anything... and it all tastes wonderful !
      Watson is the most beautiful dog in person. People always stopped to admire him when I walked him. He is very dashing and so sweet but he does not like the camera and does not take a good photo. This was a really nice one.
      Meanwhile thehamish is so goofy all out of proportion. My little rescue dog. Looks like someone took leftover parts and stuck them together, his tail alone is a hoot ! but he takes a fabulous photo !
      Who knew ?

  3. Hello Gayle:
    Your description of Waldie,curled up as a coffee bean is just perfect! Adorable, clearly she makes herself at home when she visits.

    1. Waldie is so funny and I can't believe the progress he has made since his back surgery. His back is almost straight now when he walks. He is looking so much better.
      He looks just like a coffee bean when sleeping.
      So cute !

  4. aughhh i could have sworn tomatillos weren't nightshades!! I'm sorry, I feel terrible for messing that up. What a bummer!
    I'm not vegan anymore but I am still vegetarian at least!
    The pictures of waldi are perfect, i'm going to steal them, though it looks like Hamish already stole them if you know what i mean.
    Mr Watson is such a good boy! I had fun coming over this weekend.

    1. awwwwwwwwwww, that's ok you tried and I love it.
      the photos of Waldie were really cute I though... thehamish wasn't really too thrilled though.

  5. The food looked delish. And your boys looked handsome.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    1. Daughter reads a lot about nutrition and then turns out some wonderful dishes.
      The Square Ones thank you.

  6. Nice canine harmony. You also need some chili peppers to spice things up a bit.

  7. I second what Shelly said--good food and cute companions. What more could anyone want?

  8. How wonderful, Waldie and Hamish all comfy on the cushions and Watson enjoying the nice weather. Daughter's culinary creations look so yummy, sorry to hear about your food restrictions of no gluten or nightshade.

  9. oh nice dinners, i am so sorry you can't eat them now! buggers!


    smiles, bee