Monday, November 19, 2012

parley view parsnip.... Christmas Cards

My Monday post about what is going on around my home.
It is Christmas card time.

Yes I am a card person !
I worked for Hallmark and just about every other card company for years.
I love to send mail.
Postcard, letters,  notes, and not just the e-mail kind.
I do like e-mail and use it all the time but there is a time and a place for it.

I like getting mail, real mail, mail you can hold in your hand mail !
Besides ones Birthday, Christmas is the time to send a card to family and friend
to share joyous good wishes and the hope for a better New Year.

I have read all the whinny excuses,
My # 1 favorite is,
Carbon footprint, love that one ! as they drive their big gas guzzling car to the gym.
or refuse to use the bus or train.
Don't have the time, is # 2 while they play with the i-phone, tablet or other electronic toys.
They seem to be unable to pull themselves away from that glowing screen.

One time a year is not to hard to put aside one football game or a TV show
to write some cards. Or better yet write them while watching TV.
If your can't afford to send cards and the cost of a stamp, I so understand.
Or your religion forbids Santa I understand.
But for all other excuses,  Santa is watching, oh forget Santa,
The Square Dogs are watching
and it could get messy.
Just saying... 

Many years ago I designed the Twelve Days Of Christmas
That took care of twelve years, it was nice having the idea already
and just work on the design.
After moving back to Tucson I decided to draw The Twelve Days based in Arizona.
Here are the first three days.

The back of the card and of course the Square Ones make an appearence.

Here is the first day old and new.

and here is a hint of this years card.
It should be done already but it is not...

Ack... I really need to only take photos in the day.
They come out so dark and dull when I take the photos at night.

drawing. . . parsnip
music. . . Jingle Bells,  Gene Autry
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  1. love love love your cards!


    smiles, bee

  2. I'm with Empress - LOVE them! I think I will ask all my blogfriends who would like a christmas card and gofrom there. I too make my own cards - but ours tend to be based on a photograph this year it's of Elsie the wayward german shepherd. But yes I'm a card person too, we must exchange addresses.

  3. Wow, those cards are just gorgeous. I love the Arizona versions. I still have the card you gave me when we met in Arizona on my bulletin board in the kitchen. Cards are the best!

  4. I agree totally about cards Parsnip. I have moved around the country a lot in my life
    and at Christmas I hear from old friends and new - I look forward to every single one and to
    sending them a reply. The cost of mailing them has risen sharply here this year, but I find if I buy a few stamps each week I hardly miss the money.

  5. You are really talented. Lucky recipients to get such amazing cards!

  6. I love your card designs. Like Weaver, I still send Christmas cards to old friend that I haven`t seen for years. Writing and receiving cards brings moments of connection in a world that is usually moving far too fast.

  7. I love your cards. I have been a good girl and ordered my cards early - in aid of Alzheimers - and have actually been to the PO to weigh all the foreign ones and stamp them ready to post next month before the enormous queues start.
    I just have to remember to do all the rest.

  8. I love cards too. Here my son's school gets them to design one and a company prints them for you. Saves me a job! Catching up with old friends is great; there are people I may never see again given where they are in the world. Your cards are absolutely stunning. More please....