Friday, May 25, 2012

Square Dog Friday... bath time !

Best day of the week... lets woof it !
Hamish speaks today...

Sometimes nice tall person mum has to clean my bottom and bitty paws
i get to sit in the work sink in mum's studio.
not bad get to see chkikin strips ! chkikinchkikn chkikin strip gud.
hey cookies getting low not gud !
ish that sign by chkikin strip  funny ?
me not thinkin so !

nice tall person sister came to bath us in tub mabe not so gud or nice

not gud all wet wetwetwetwet wet not liken water so much
soapy rince soapy rince wet wet wet wet not gud

i curly and wet

watson gets wet 

really wet

awwww watson gud
watson he got gud black lips witha pink dot
and big sniffy nose
i lurve my watson heis gud olddoggie

watson u wetwetwet wet !

now we get dry i watching gud watson

dry dry dry gud dry

gud hamish i lookin gud
ouhhhh ish that chkikin strip?

watson lookin gud
he curly too

i lurve watson go fast face !

wet. . . parsnip
music. . . Jailhouse Rock, Elvis
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  1. Bath: an obscene word to each and every dog....

    1. So true.
      I found out that Scotties either love or hate the water there is no in between.
      Mine do not like the water. I have seen what looks like they walk on tippy toes to avoid getting their feet wet !
      They are a hoot.

  2. watson is adorable, so clean i can almost smell him!


    smiles, bee

  3. I have Mia in my lap right now and opened your blog. What did she say...


    then a few seconds later


  4. Even wet they're adorable!

    We used to have to spell "bath" to our dog...until she finally figured out what B-A-T-H meant!

    1. All I have to do is just think something and I wear The Boys just know.

  5. the dog will happily jump into ditches, streams, lakes, ponds and puddles, but will not get into even a large basin, barks at the garden hose...that is such a shame as we know how hot it must be for him with all that fur.

    wet scotties look adorable!

    1. They so funny... but I can understand the barking at the hose, have you ever felt that water coming out... it is so cold ! or at lest in Tucson it is cold !
      I love the photos of your dog... especially when he was napping in the hole he dug for himself while helping you garden.
      The Quail and Bunnies dig holes in the damp soil here in the hot summer days to help keep cool. I always make such the drips are working so they have some places to cool off.

  6. Haha they look like two GOOD little square black dogs! :D

    1. wahahahahahahahahahahahaha... I know better !

  7. What a lovely sight for sore eyes -two sweet smelling doggies.

    1. Nice to see you too !
      From what I saw on your blog you had a great trip !

  8. Thinking about doing this to my cats made me laugh out loud.

    1. Me too !
      Glad your just thinking this and not really contemplating this act of self destruction.

  9. Most adorable doggies. I had a cat that loved it when I bathed her. However my other cats run from the very thought of water.

    1. I have a friend who's cat really liked water... who knew ?
      Thanks for stopping by.