Wednesday, May 30, 2012

just a day an ordinary day...

No Wednesday in Japan today.
Just a Tuesday around my home.

water the vegetable garden

fill the fountain for the birds

new toys for The Square Ones

new toy review coming

exercise in the pool... hello cabana boy....

and he is gone

cleaning the pool of dog toys

hey, you stopped already ?  I see you in the shade your not done

 reflection off the pool 

some homemade Japanese potato salad for lunch

plants to pot

new doormat to check out

a quick 20 minute dinner, ground turkey sautéed with onion and yellow curry sauce
napa cabbage, rice an a pickled plum, wonderful !

evening comes

and the lights come on....
perfect day !

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Ordinary Day,  Vanessa Cartlon

I hope this stays posted I have had blogger problems for two days now !
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  1. You have such blue skies... and a gorgeous swimming pool!
    I still can't get whole umeboshi plums, but I have found some umeboshi plum paste. Any ideas on what to make with it before I buy it? Is the paste puréed plums that I can substitute for whole in recipes, or something different? Your meals today look delicious, especially the potato salad - yum!!

    1. I'll e-mail you with the info you asked about. I use the plum paste and I'll send you a shop that is on line.

  2. My son started the tomatoes and herbs in March. Your veggies and lawn look great and Japanese potato salad on pretty dish, so lovely!

    1. We started late and messed up the shade cloth the seeds were not getting enough sun. This is our experimental year to see what grows where we have the tiniest garden in the world.

  3. that was a perfect day! those boys sure look cute with their toys!

    smiles, bee


  4. Gayle, I love your cabana boys and your back yard is amazing! Those puppy toys look delicious!

    1. My cabana boy are very cute but they lack the ability to really help.

  5. A rather idyllic lifestyle, Parsnip.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    By the way I thought they were real doughnuts at first!!

    1. Oh Jenny if you only knew... I should have put in all the stuff I have to do. Starting with getting up no later than 7am everyday so Hamish can eat and get the insulin shot plus several eye drops given 5 minutes apart same thing every evening at 7pm.
      I could go on and on...

      wahahahahaha... they look like doughnuts and I so want one every time I see the toy laying on the floor..

  6. Hello Gayle:
    What strikes us so much in each of these wonderful images is the intensity of the blue of the sky, changing to a deep ink blackness at night. It really is most spectacular, as are the mountains which surround you.

    1. One of the thing that is just so common and everyday to most people in Tucson, is we always have such a bright blue sky, fluffy white clouds and fabulous sunsets.
      I never take them for granted, I love and try to enjoy everyday !

  7. This looks and sounds like a perfect day. Those lucky square ones.

    1. It was a perfect day but the Cabana Boys where not really working... It was rather hot so I let them have a day off.

  8. The new toys, of course, last all of five minutes.

    Is that a stuffed toy I see in the flower pot in that first pic?

    1. The toys have lasted longer because they only like to play with then with me ? I have to play toss with Hamish or play tug with Watson. They mostly leave them alone.
      Yes !
      that is a tiny dog toy that is a really cute little blue bug, there is a Ladybug toy in some early photos of the garden. The Boys don't play with it but I thought it sweet so I kept it. I thought the zucchini plant would like having it's own none lethal bug.
      I am weird like that.

  9. What a different world than NYC
    but rather clean and beautiful looking.
    Are the square ones allowed to swim?
    when we had a pool it had a plastic liner so Skippy was only allowed to swim when supervised.
    I taught Joba my son's dog to jump onto a surf board at their pool.
    I fear my son's in-laws were a bit aghast!
    Love from Buster and me.
    Isn't it fun that Weaver in England and me here and you our west all get to see what's happening!

    1. Yes, very different but sometimes I think I would love to live in a big city. Not now but maybe when I was younger. I get my city fix when I live in Japan with my family. I was raised in Tucson after moving here from Chicago when I was in grade school so I feel the need for wide open places and big sky.
      The Square Ones do not like water ! I found with Scotties they love it or hate it there is no in-between.
      I love NY and have enjoyed myself every time I have visited. Yorkshire is lovely and I so enjoyed my trips there.
      Do you know there is a town named Gayle ! I found it on one of my trips and Weaver lives near.
      I really love the chance of seeing on any given day what we are all doing. Perfect !

  10. You ask about silage Parsnip. Silage is cured grass. If it is cut, baled tightly and wrapped to keep it airtight it cures into a winter feed. If the air gets into the bale then it just goes mouldy. I suppose in a way it is like our pickles and jams - we have to make sure the jars are sealed well. The resulting feed in the winter is much more nutritious than hay which can vary from year to year depending on the age of the grass, the weather and allkinds of factors.

    1. I e-mailed to you because I really what to thank you for the meaning of silage.

  11. Oh that blue, blue sky.
    Talking of blogger problems - just lately I feel as if I have been taken over by some wicked sprite who stops me from doing what I have been doing for years and gives me so called helpful advice which I find unfathomable. There are days when I feel like abandoning my blog.

    1. All week I have been on the verge of throwing my computer through a window and ripping out the cable !
      Please don't abandon your blog, I would miss you !

  12. Replies
    1. Yes, but maybe not yesterday it was 107 in the valley, cooler at my home though.