Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday In Japan... Umeboshi

My Wednesday post about my life in Japan...

A lovely friend from Japan sent me the best gift ever, Umeboshi or pickled plums.
If you read this blog you already know my love of pickled vegetables and
umeboshi are my favorite.

Beautiful packaging.

Four different types of umeboshi.
The jar of umeboshi paste is really easy to use when making sushi rolls
and my favorite chicken dish.

four different flavors from spicy, tangy, mild to a sweet one.

These plums are about a 1 1/4 inch big.
They also come in size from the super tiny ones about 1/2 inch to 1 1/4 inches.

Really loved the one on the right, slightly spicy and tangy.
So good to eat along with any meal.

Here is your pretty for the day..
Cherry blossoms, Ryuhonji, Kyoto
Thank You so much Tomoko and family for the lovely gift, thought and friendship.
I miss you all.

pickled. . . parsnip
music. . . One Summers Day,  Joe Hisaishi

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  1. I think you and I have opposite taste buds but my daughter leans towards the tangy things like this. I don't enjoy vinegary foods.
    Even though I am a universe away from my picky childhood eating habits, I suppose I'm still a bit boring.

    1. Tangy, spicy and yummy !
      As children we ate what ever my Mum put on the table. I never thought to be a picky eater.
      I remember liking just about everything. My Mum was a great cook, she could take 5 items and whip something up. I love food and will try just about everything. I hav ethe hips to prove it !
      Boring is just fine. You are a vegetarian right? My daughter is a vegan and she cooks wonderful dishes but eating out can be interesting.
      Everyone has different likes and dislikes.

  2. I've never managed to find reasonably priced umeboshi plums here in the UK, though I would love to try them, as I've heard they are not only delicious, but very good for you. It sounds like you've really been enjoying them.
    What a lovely gift, and as you say, beautifully packaged too.

    1. I buy and enjoy the basic everyday not expensive brand Shirakiku Aka Umeboshi it is about four dollars but a small round package will last.
      There are several on line market that will ship but I haven't tried any yet. There is a small Korean Market that I shop at for a few items.
      The ones Tomoko sent are her family favorites.

  3. I love the idea of making your own sushi rolls!

    1. Daughter is a vegan so every once in awhile we get together and made some sushi.
      We are lucky in Tucson that we have several wonderful sushi places that serve fabulous vegetarian rolls that she can eat.

  4. I don't know that I ever had a plum in my life, but I do like tangy food. That alone would make me want to try one.

    1. Doesn't your area have plum trees along with peaches and cherries ? That is something we don't have in Tucson.

  5. Ooh, lucky you! I imagine you receiving the parcel, opening it, and beaming as you see what it contains. Yum. Of course, I've never had umeboshi plums, but I expect to in the not too distant future, if all goes to (fantasy) plan.

    1. Oh lucky you... are you planning a trip ?
      When Tomoko heard that David was coming she sent the gife with him instead of mailing it. When we travel back and forth we always have small gift for everyone.

  6. I love tastes like that but need a supply of Rennies after indulging. Such a pretty parcel.

  7. Love the packaging! Not so sure about the 'eye appeal' of the contents, but I'd be willing to try. I like tangy. And spicy.

  8. I don't know if I'd appreciate pickled plums, but I certainly love the pink cherry blossoms in spring!

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