Sunday, April 22, 2012

parley view parsnip...

My Monday post about what happening around my home.

The Pima County Court House, Tucson Arizona.
Listed on the National Resister of Historic Places.
Designed by Roy Place in 1928 in the Mission Revival/Spanish Colonial style. 

I think this is one of the most beautiful building I have ever seen.
The dome is just amazing.

Phoenix, the capital of our state has a copper dome on the roof of the old Capital building,
which is now a museum. Arizona is the copper state.

As much as I like the look of copper, I think this building is just perfect in style, size and color.
It fits Tucson, Arizona very well.

Beautiful !

I don't care what the Weather Man said or what the Calendar said...
at 2:30 Saturday in Tucson, Arizona it was the first day of summer
because I jumped in my pool.
The temperature on Saturday was a toasty 99. 

Palo Verde bloom floating in my pool.
It was so sunny and the reflection off the water blinded me. So I just pointed the camera where I thought the bloom was and clicked.
The camera focused on the waves I was making and not the bloom.
On Sunday the "ice broke" in Tucson and we hit 101.
Thank Goodness it will return to the high 80's by the middle of the week.
It really is too early for this kind of hot weather.

Here is your pretty for the day
One little cloud floating in the Saturday afternoon sky.
Photo was taken from my pool.

hot. . . parsnip
Music. . .  On A Day Like This,  David Bridie

Pima Courthouse photos by sleepytako
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  1. Hello Gayle:
    What an absolutely amazing building and we really do agree that that roof is quite something. Indeed, the whole architectural style could so easily be drawn from Arabian Nights or something similar.

    And to be in your pool on such a glorious day with barely a cloud in the sky!! Pure heaven!

    1. It really is a beautiful building.
      A pool is a must in Tucson.

  2. What a lovely building, and just right for those blue skies of the desert. Wish I had a pool and it was warm enough to jump in one! Enjoy your week.

    1. It was too warm. To hit 100+ this early is bad. Thank goodness it will be back in the high 80's later this week.

  3. I expected to see mountains behind the beautiful building. Is it far from you?

    1. Tucson has a circle of mountains around it. On the west side of Tucson where the "city" is looks out on the Tucson Mountains that are not that tall. If you looked out of the building or was on the sidewalk you could see them. I live right at the base of the Catalina Mountains to the north, east are the Rincons to the south are the Santa Ritas.
      I am so lucky.

  4. Wow! World's apart eh parsnip? We tootled over the moors yesterday - nowhere near as hot but still heavenly!

    1. I am very envious of the area you live. Beautiful !

  5. I've driven by the building a few times but have never seen the inside. It is very cool.
    I'm not cool though. Ugh with the weekend weather. I am jealous of your pool. Everywhere I have lived in Phoenix, I have had a pool. Seemed completely normal to me, grew up with it. Sadly, we don't have one here and I soooo miss it.

    1. I was inside a long time ago.
      It is old wooden and creaky in the special old fabulous way.
      When I grew up in Tucson we never had a pool but we had sprinklers to run through. One home my Father put up a above ground pool. the kind with a liner. He built a nice surround.
      That was as close as I ever got.
      I really wanted one because I walk in mine to exercise. It helps with my mobility.

  6. i have always loved tucson! it is beautiful, the desert is amazing and so full of life. wish it was that warm here!

    smiles, bee


    1. I have seen the few photo you have posted of your City and I fell in love with where you live. Sounds just lovely !
      But I agree Tucson is beautiful.
      Hamish send woofs, Watson too !

  7. Beautiful building, you've captured it well. I had to avoid the last trip to Tucson because of the heat, hot enough down here in the high country. Hw unusual.
    Almost out of here for the season now. I would have taken a swim too if I dared to be in the sun long enough to do so.
    xoxo Kim

    1. Very unusual for this time of the year. Alaska will feel very nice after this "warm" send off.

  8. That's a gorgeous building, Parsnip! Beautiful!

    Be glad you don't have our weather today... it's been snowing here.

    1. William we need snow and rain, just not now !
      I really don't like the very hot weather. But if you live here for any time you learn how to structure your day. Out early and inside the cool home for the afternoon. Desert time.

  9. That courthouse is very interesting and I agree the onion-domed roof is fascinating and perfect. We hit around 109 this weekend and I was in the pool for the first time too. In fact I should be there now!

    1. 109 so early ? jump in that pool right now !
      We used to have a condo on a golf course in Palm Desert.
      What heat you all have already !

  10. We were in Phoenix one year in May and it was extremely hot. Actually our hotel was in Scotsdale, which we thought was an absolutely lovely place - I particularly remember a lovely Italian restaurant.

    1. Phoenix is always much hotter than Tucson. Too much concrete and bedroom communities. Tucson is smaller and has more dirt, I like that !
      Scotsdale is a lovely city.

  11. Reminds me a little of St Paul's Cathedral if someone were to paint it pink and zigzaggy! Totally jealous of your weather. It's cold, damp and drizzly in North Wales today. I bet the pool was gorgeous?!

    1. This is the best comment... St Paul's Cathedrals and paint brushes !
      Your so funny.

  12. Glad you could use the photos. Not the best, but I had a koguma on my back when I was taking them! :D

    Love the cloud. Those Tucson skys are the best.

    It's finally nice and no longer cold here in Japan. It's quickly gone from I'm constantly cold to I'm constantly sweating but I'm not angry... I'd rather be sweating then cold. Sometimes I question my sanity for living in a place with, really, no really, some of the worst weather ever. Other things make up for it thankfully. I come home from work everyday wishing I could jump into a pool after being on the crowded train.

    David misses the desert.