Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wednesday In Japan...

Guess who is coming for dinner ?
in March...
And staying for two weeks, Koguma-chan (small bear) !
Oh yes, she is bringing her parents too !

This is my favorite photo of Mia.
When her Dad Kuma-chan (big bear)
takes her for a walk (backpack) in the winter evenings it gets dark at 5:30.
He bought a small light at the 100 yen shop and tied it to the backpack
so she wouldn't be frighten of the dark.
When they get to the park,
Mia gets out for a little walk time and
as you can see she is very enamored of the light.
Here she is riding in the backpack with the light.

and riding on the train...
yes, she smiles all the time !

taking her socks off on the train...


reading her favorite book
given to her for Christmas by her Auntie mollybot...

sometimes when your tired your tired !

Someone... woof
is very happy at this news.
Last summer when Mia and her parents came for a visit Watson became her best friend and protector.
He was always by her side. If he wasn't in the bedroom with them,
he would sleep by her door all night.

Oh my little heart !

waiting. . . parsnip
music. . . Open Your Eyes, Snow Patrol
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  1. that is WONDERFUL news that the little doll baby will be there!!! lucky you!

    smiles, bee


    1. Yes good news,
      They were coming at summer by have moved it up to next month.

  2. How adorable, both Mia and the fact Watson would sleep outside the door. Gives my heart a little hug :)
    What a fun March you are going to have!

    1. Sometimes they all just tug big time at your heart !

  3. She is just the cutest! She reminds me a bit of my older daughter when she was a baby, always smiling. I bet she looks forward to seeing the magic light.

    1. She is really a super happy baby.
      They are very lucky.

  4. Wonderful photos of the cutest little girl. She's so adorable.

    1. This is the cutest age !
      Every encounter is interesting.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. how wonderful!! the last picture is just perfection!
    bet March can't arrive soon enough!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. March will be here soon they we all think !
      Time seems to fly by.
      I will stop by.

  6. Gorgeous! I wonder what changes you'll see?

    1. We talk on skype all the time so I get to see her in real time.
      the last time she was here she was on the verge of walking. Now she zooms !

  7. Oh, she's a cutie!

    I was about to ask how the Square Ones get on with her when the photo of her with Watson popped up!

    1. The Square Ones get along with her but Watson is in Lurve ! big time !

  8. Love those photographs - adore those socks - so please she has a protector in that square black dog.

  9. Oh these are very cute photos of the children, cute moments captured as well. They are such a blessing.

    BTW thank you for visiting my blog, and yes we have snow here, but the winter is funny this year. The snow falls, then melts, it snowed today and yesterday, and by Monday probably will be gone because they are calling for warmer temperatures, something like 8 degrees C.

    Hope all is well with you.

    Anna :)