Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wednesday In Japan...

Fabulous food !
Died and gone to heaven food !
Japanese Food !
Hey this is my Wednesday in Japan post !
Yum !
Miso Ramen add the slow cooked pork, vegetables to fresh, thin, chewy ramen noodles in a rich broth.

of course I add everything, you don't have too

quick lunch of Tempura veggies and shrimp, rice, pickled veggies and miso soup

Special Tomato Cheese Ramen with pork and bok choy

fabulous salads with deep fried lotus root chips

cooking thin slices of steak and pork over a grill at the table

rice stuffed with a variety of fillings wrapped in crunchy seaweed

pounded chicken or pork cutlet deep fried with curry sauce, cabbage, rice and soup

Bee Bim Bop, chashu (pork), rice, vegetables with a super fresh egg you break over the food and stir. The rice is so hot it will cook the egg (the eggs in Japan are very fresh and good) that is a super hot iron dish set in the wood block. Glass noodles with sauce and veggies.

Takoyaki, (le sigh) little balls of dough that usually come with a tiny pieces of octopus but you can also chose cheese, meat and/or pickled ginger

Karaage, twice fried chicken, dipped in a tomato or a soy based sauce.

Steak grilled and sliced over a bed of fried rice with a mustard sauce or not your choice.

fried potatoes with ketchup, deep fried tofu, sweet soy based dipping sauce

Okonomiyaki, your choice of fillings, meat, veggies and or cheese mixed in a batter and fried at your grill table like a big pancake. You share, slice it and eat it with little spatulas.

My kind of dinner, sushi, slices of beef, fish, veggies, soup and rice.

a lunch of sushi, wrapped tofu, different veggies and rice

Wonderful breakfast,
fresh caught fish cooked overnight, all sorts of veggies, tofu, soup and rice.
I understand not everyone will like this kind of food and of course that is fine
but if you don't give yourself the chance how will you know ?

I haven't even mentioned, Dim Sum, Char Siu Bao, Potato Korokke stuffed with
different fillings, eating Takoyaki under the Osaka Tower, drinking the best iced coffee on hot days. Sharing tiny dishes of food and a beer with friends at the local Izakaya. Sashimi or Cold Soba buckwheat noodles with a dipping sauce on a hot summer day.

Life is an adventure.
Enjoy !

takoyaki. . . parsnip
music. . . I Feel Good, James Brown

p.s..... Daughter (mostly) and I (directing) are cleaning the garage today
and not sure what an adventure that will be but I hope we don't run into too many critters that are sleeping the winter away !

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  1. Wow, looks so yummy! I have never tried lotus root chips but I imagine them tasting like water chestnuts, I wonder if I am right.

    1. Yes you have a close winner... Loved the Lotus Root chips with the salad. so beautiful to look at and rather tasty.

  2. How I wish this variety of food was available here. I'd like crunchy seaweed with every meal.

    1. The photos you publish of the wonderful food from your area always look quiet fabulous to me.

  3. Replies
    1. awwwwwwwwwww, so sorry but not really ...
      I was starving by the end of this post too !

  4. "some" of it looks amazing! (kidding!) seriously it does look wonderful. careful in the garage. what are the square boyz doing? yert!

    smiles, bee

    1. It is all good and so fresh.
      And you know similar to thing we eat in America like the twice fried chicken only no bone. A steak that is sliced before grilling and eating... Lots of really fresh veggies.
      Your blog friend in Japan seems to dislike, from her posts, everything she has ate or not ate because it is funny, strange or weird ? too bad because she is missing out.
      Not that I like everything I have eaten but I like and enjoy more than not.
      I am so envious of her time in Japan. Le Sigh.....

      The boy where getting their herbal body wraps at the groomers yesterday. They looked really fabulous for about 60 seconds...
      On the Friday post they are reviewing two news toys ! results are not good but funny !
      Hamish is ill again and I am getting new meds for him today.

    2. give the sick boy a hug from auntie bee, and i was only in japan for one day but lived on okinawa three years, almost the same food i think. i loved some of it, not all though!

      hugs, bee

  5. Of course, this vegetarian would be passing on much of it but quite a few things made my mouth water! Deep fried lotus root chips sound fun.