Sunday, October 22, 2023

Another Monday


 I am moving my large studio into a much smaller one. 
So hard and very time consuming. I have to look at every thing (not really but I will) a piece of paper, paint, pens, ink, stamps, books and all the toys I have. Godzilla I love you !
Scotties everywhere !
This means trying to pare down all my supplies and the ideas that go with them.

The eyes are still a huge problem and I get so tired trying to see so I sleep a lot. Sleep to much.
The Square Ones are not very happy !


                                                                            sad so sad
                                                                       very sad
                                                                           sleepy sad
                                                              they never sleep or nap together 

                                           they are trying to help me by showing how to nap...

                                                                    here be bunny slipper.....
 i be givin' my godzilla

                                                                  sleeping  square ones...

cheers,  parsnip


  1. It's good you have such sweet company... and helpful in moving the studio.

  2. Go steady with that move - gently does it - don't overdo it - slow and steady wins the race - and creep past those two rascals so that they snooze on - then they won't be under your feet.

  3. It's always such a chore to thin out possessions and move things around. Sorry to hear you're still being challenged with your eyesight. As Weave wisely suggests, try not to overdue. Hugs to you and the two gud dugs. X

  4. Take it easy, my dear. As others say, don't overdo it. Take your time. Thanks for the photos of gud dogs.


  5. Sorry to hear about your vision troubles. It's good to rest and just do a little bit at a time. Your gud dogs are so good at keeping you company!

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  7. I am sorry that you are having such physical problems. It must help a little to have the sympathy of the square ones, lovely photos as usual.