Friday, August 25, 2023

I can't believe it has been so long !


Where the heck have I been ?  Sleeping mostly. New meds and amounts.
Slept through most of this month. Not Fun ! Gud Dugs do not understand.

GODZILLA !  maybe ?

Lots of small dinosaurs escaping from the volcano but we call them Godzilla!
Agatha likes small toys to carry around and preform surgery on.

.Sir Winston loved pulling the "Godzilla" out of the flaming volcano.

I told Sir Winston to go find Godzilla and he brought me the bigger Tuff Stuff Godzilla 
toy from Friend Camilla. Oh My Goodness he does have a brain and can use it !??!

Now Sir Winston is taking care of the World.
I was trying to take a photo of Miss Agatha and Mr. Jealous  pops in.

Perfect spot to rest while looking for lizards, coyotes and bunnies.
I am planing I hope, to share some of the crazy animals 
that have been around here this monsoon month next post.

Yes show me the gud dug !

cheers,  parsnip


  1. I do wish I could take your pain & give it to someone we both really hate -- along with that beanz pizza!

  2. Sorry you have been off the grid for a while - new drugs tend to play havoc until everything settles down again. The two tykes seem enchanted with that toy. Take care and hope you improve soon. Thinking of you. x

  3. Gosh we've missed you. So sorry with what you've had to deal with these past months. Delighted with all the Godzillas and that the bigger tuff-stuff one is still around too. Keep us posted and I'll keep my fingers are crossed you'll continue to adapt to the new meds and feel better soon. Have a lovely weekend friend Gayle. X

  4. Sorry you have been so tired and hope you feel better soon. I'm sure the extreme heat didn't help either. Gud dogs are keeping busy and looking good! Thanks for posting!

  5. I've been in a bit of an odd spell lately myself.