Friday, November 25, 2022

Happy Leftover Day !

Thanksgiving Dinner was wonderful as usual  but I love the next day leftovers the best.

Warm sandwiches made with turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, cranberries, corn pudding, green  beans and gravy. Perfection on a plate.

Several years ago I stopped cooking a whole turkey and Adam started to made Ina Garden's Turkey Roundel. He also changed up her stuffing and made it his own. Perfect just wonderful.

                                                                This is so fabulous.

"Sparrow Tree Journal" showed her wonderful Christmas Plant on her blog. It is beautiful plant with red blooms. So I thought I would post my white blooms. This plant is only 2 years old. all my older plants died off in a bad freeze and were accidentally tossed away. Bummer ! I was trying to save them.


iwinston loves his blue pillow.

iwinston also loved his dinner or maybe was hopping  to love this dinner.
I was watching Brokenwood Mysteries and saw Agatha staring in an episode. I know she is very talented but when did she find time to star in a New Zealand TV Show !


She is not talking.
Here is your pretty for the weekend.

Beautiful Beer Can.

Post by iwinston and Agatha

 cheers,  parsnip



  1. Ah, that last is hilarious. I was breaking off pieces of a stick treat for Dudo one day and making him stand on his hind legs for each piece. He finally stayed seated and punched me with his paw.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving feast! We had fun also and I will layer the leftovers in a casserole to warm and eat for dinner again. Luckily I have lots of gravy left which always helps!

  3. Those two pups are such a welcome sight.

  4. Oh my! Happy Thanksgiving! Love the beer can and Winston's blue pillow!

  5. Hahahahaha, I love the stop breaking treats in half and calling them two treats.

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