Friday, July 8, 2022

Square Dog Friday... Weather and Blooms !

Hot weather and beautiful flowers..


These only last a day but so lovely.

Texas Ranger or Texas Sage.

 Lots of stuff going on here right now.  Will write more on this later.
Have not found the time to fix computer and phone. They just work somewhat and 
I need to use them right now. 
Time just zooms away.
I still can not get on many of your blogs very sorry But I will figure it out.

The weather is not helping either.

cheers,  parsnip


  1. The weather!!! Those gorgeous blooms must mitigate some of the intensity when you're inside looking out at them! Seriously, I've only seen cactus blooms once or twice in nature. The little blooms on nursery plants are lovely but not as gorgeous as your photos! xoxo

    1. Hello... so nice to see you. I think I need a new computer but with all the moving it is just not a good time. Hope all is well for family in LA.

  2. Oh, those cactus flowers. We had a number of enormous cacti around our house in San Diego and in Palm Springs with these once-a-year, overnight blooms. Magnificent.

  3. Goodness...are you moving out of your beloved home? Such lovely photos of the Cactus blooms today. We're in for a very hot week coming up but nothing like the temps you're getting. We're experiencing a real dry spell and need rain right now so I'm off to water the flowers and veggies early this morning. Wishing you and the gud dugs a nice weekend Gayle.

  4. Gosh those are so lovely, Gayle! Is there a hint that you are moving in the comments? Hope all is going well and you will be happy with your gud dogs wherever you are!
    My daughter just got her first dog (my first granddog!) - an Australian shepherd that is a sweet little ball of fur right now. I hope her puppy will be a gud dog for her! Take care!