Sunday, April 10, 2022

Spring is here, maybe !

Spring is here

Lots of wind, temperatures either in the 90+ or low 70's it keep changing by day.

Wind Advisory, fire alerts and several wildfires in Southern Arizona.

The light color on the foothills is the new growth and the darker parts were not burned but somewhat damaged. We have five wildfires right now in the south already. 

                               Fabulous nest of a Curved-billed Thrasher in a Cholla Cactus. 
                                                  She flew up in the tree and scolded us.

Winston is not feeling quite spifey right now.

Looking for a sunny place to nap by chasing the sun.


Agatha  taking a breather during a game of Parkour with Winston.
She can really jump.


About 3 weeks ago I fell at 2am Saturday ...  I smashed my head fell on my bottom, bruised my side and tailbone.  I mean really the hits keep coming ! Not sure what is coming next. 
Family thinks some bubble wrap might help !

Yea Me !



cheers,  parsnip



  1. Hurrah!

    I wanted to tell you that one of the toys you sent for Ginger and George is now one of the new puppy's favorites!

  2. See how out of it I am.... didn't know you have a puppy !
    I think I am adopting a 14 year old Golden at PACC. I am one of their fosters.
    The kids want me to recover but.....
    Going over to your blog !

  3. Yeah, bubble wrap. Or maybe one of those full-body Sumo suits. Take care!

  4. Sorry to hear you fell but glad you did not break anything. Hope you have a happy, healthy Spring with your gud dogs!

  5. Sorry to hear you fell.. Sure you will be getting plenty of love from those gud dogs.

  6. I hope you and Winston are feeling better soon.

    1. I will but Winston back legs are giving him the same problem he had with the front leg. The operation is expensive and long recovery.