Friday, November 13, 2020

Square Dog Friday...still a raging mess here.

Internet was a mess again but son finally got it to work.


                                      Lots of extra blankets to dig in and nessle in for sleep.

Winston is still no better.

Winston is a huge mess. He is a shallow ghost of his former self.

This 6 Month so far detour with his leg has cost a bundle and I had to postpone 2 projects that I had save up for.   

Of course iwinston is more important but I am so sad and worried about him.  He is putting weight on the leg now but that is about all. I am thinking of calling his Puppy Boot Camp trainer and see if he could help us out. Maybe a trip to the country to run around with old friends and some horses will help.

I am out of answers for questions I do not even know to ask.

                                                                     He is so sad.

                                                      Very Funny Thanksgiving Bark Box

The Bark Gud Dugs cooked Thanksgiving Dinner.
They stuffed the Turkey with a Can of Dog Food !
Best toy ever.
Friday morning. 
My phone is so bad that this looks nothing like the fabulous sky.
It is still nice to see though.
                                                I can never see Agatha when I look for her.


Take Care and Be Safe.
Another huge Lock Down is coming.
cheers,  parsnp




  1. So sorry to read about Winston. I had hoped we'd hear he was back to his old self. Poor guy! And, yes, to that message to November!

  2. Poor wee dug Winston. Rather worried about the boy. Perhaps a romp on the farm with old friends will work some magic and it's certainly worth a try. We got our Bark box yesterday too. Our turkey is stuffed with a duck! Dottie loves her turduckin toy. Wishing you a lovely weekend friend Gayle. X

    1. I love the BarkBox better than the gud dugs. I ordered them for years but both gud dugs don't play that much with toys and have them only on certain foods. I love the fabulous ideas these crazy barkBox people come up with I will miss them. If I want I can still order toys.

  3. I feel bad for IWinston. I hope someone can help him. He is a gud dog. Love your blog. Jean from Manitoba, Canada

  4. Sorry Winston hasn't bounced back yet. Hope he feels better soon.

    1. Me also, He is a grumping, distant 100 year old

  5. I'm sorry Winston is still not feeling well. Maybe a trip to the country to run and play would help. That looks like a fun Bark Box! I love the funnies, especially the November one! I'm afraid you are right about another lockdown. The virus is so much worse here in the Midwest now that something has to happen. You and your sweet ones take good care and be safe!

  6. I’m so sorry Winston isn’t feeling better. It’s been so long and I’m really worried about him. Good idea to contact Puppy Boot Camp. They may be able to help him from a different perspective from the vet. xo