Friday, October 16, 2020

Square Dog Friday, still a mess

Daughter came and fixed my blog in two second. Now we have to see why the photos are loading
in the wrong order ?

Sleeping on the bed with extra blankets. iwinston has to cuddle up to Agatha every since his cast came off.  He is still depressed and very quiet.

Before the grooming, thick hair and very curly 

He had so many different levels of hair from shaved off to extra long because of all the missed grooming. He was a mess. So he was cut very short but very cute still.


yesh it is mine !


Stay safe and be well.

cheers,  parsnip


  1. Winston is very handsome and of course Agatha is beautiful! I am sorry he is still depressed and quiet. I hope as he feels better he will go back to being a happy gud dug!
    I hope you are doing well too!

  2. Hope Winston quickly returns to himself. I love the "People are annoying” post. A friend just shared it on Facebook and I thought it was so appropriate!

  3. Yes Gayle, Winston does have a sad look - hope he returns to his old self soon, give hima big hug from me.

  4. Poor boy...he looks so sad. Is it possible he's still in pain? Wondering if the vet prescribed rehab for his wee leg to help build his strength back up. Wishing you all a lovely weekend friend Gayle.

  5. I'm sorry iWinston is depressed. The Original Dog (Faulkner) was very depressed when the hound dog Thoreau died. The vet said to give him extra pats and to talk to him. He came out of it eventually.


  6. Winston’s leg looks much better. Though, I’m sorry he remains depressed. I hope he will feel better and happier soon. Hugs to him xo