Friday, March 6, 2020

Square Dog Friday. . . a talk with gud dug Sir Winston Mandables Churchill

iwinston and udon with nice tall person who walks us

we be seein' Wildcat we be quiet to lets him run away to mountains

 good sniffin'

 and lookin'

Photos by Adam

Gud dugs voted

As always here is your pretty for the weekend.

 Merida The Queen !

 Son rolled Merida over on her back.

 Merida loves Son so much that he can tickle her tummy !

 Now playing with paws.
I love her face !

Game over.

Cat Photos by Adam


cheers,  parsnip


  1. Hi, Gayle!

    I enjoyed this series of pictures, dear friend. There was plenty good ground sniffin' for Winston and Aggie after that wildcat passed through your neighborhood. I love the cactus specimens on display in the background. The pics of Merida are wonderful. She really is tame around your son to let him tickle her belly. Meanwhile, Oliver was acting spooky and hiding. I'm glad your gud dubs exercised their right to vote.

    Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Gayle!

  2. What a wonderful walk the gud dugs had! And they even got to smell a wildcat! Animals just love to smell different scents don't they? Whenever I bring anything new into the house I always let my cats smell it and they love that experience.

    You showed us pictures of Merida and Oliver! Yay! They are such good looking cats and it sounds like your son and a very happy relationship with them.

    I see your gud dugs are also good citizen dugs and voted! Good for them! I bet you set the good example for them!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Looks like you and gud dugs had a great walk! The view is wonderful! And very gud dugs to vote. Winston is so adorable wearing the sticker :-)
    Merida and her tummy are super gorgeous. I wanna give her nice long tummy rubs :-) Oliver looks very cozy in the basket!
    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

  4. What great pictures! I loved every single one of them. ♥️

  5. Such lovely photos this week. I especially loved seeing all the cactus out and about. It startled me to think how carefully one might have to walk and not accidentally bump into the prickly things. But so very pretty they are! Wishing you and all the furries a wonderful weekend. X

  6. Good photos of your good dogs. I find it interesting how your landscapes are so different than mine. Lovely cacti! I enjoy your posts! Thanks!

  7. What a wonderful post! They surely make your heart swell, don't they. Your last post was kind of bittersweet. I empathize with you in the happy-sadness of past pets. Today it's all happy-sweet!! It's a real joy to see your desert landscapes, too. Thanks!

  8. Lovely to see what the landscape is like outside your property Gayle - and how nicely your two sweeties stick together when out for their daily constitutional.xx Give them both a kiss from me and a hug for you too.x

  9. The dogs do enjoy their walks. Merida is a patient supreme life form, allowing belly tickles.

  10. So cute!! And, such responsible citizens with their voting done early! LOL

  11. It's so cool to see the cactus along the path. What delightful pictures.

  12. So you already voted, iWinston? Good for you. But what about a mountain lion? I would scream.


  13. All such cuties, Gayle. Love the area too. I always love seeing pictures of where you live.

  14. Lovely photos, I did enjoy the walk in the sun, so different from my own environment.

  15. What a great post!
    Loved all of the photographs, thank you.

    All the best Jan

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