Friday, February 17, 2017

Square Dog Friday mix-up

Square Dog Friday is here.
thehamish will be helping with today's post.
Thank You my gud gud dug !
yesh i thehamish is talkin' today
we had big kattie comin' into our outside
he is wilber the mascot of the university of arizona wildcat  
or for us a bobcat
he is just big kattie to me i thehamish



  this is a bad bad bad kattie oliver who is nerffin' up our blanktie'


nice tall person who walk us gave thehamish new toy

it is gud squeekie' toy
i thehamish is liken' it


here is your pretty for the weekend
of course it is i thehamish

squeekie. . . parsnip
music. . . The Light From One,  Ane Brun


  1. What a big wild cat to have come through your yard, Hamish!

    1. Before I move into the house, a Bobcat would lay by my back door to sleep and rest out of the sun.

  2. The bobcat is gorgeous! The other kitty is definitely being bad. The Hamish as always is being adorable.

  3. Wow! That is a BIG cattie out in your yard. We have a bobcat who sometimes visits our yard, but she is HALF the size of that one! They sure grow catties real big down in Arizona!

    Oh that Oliver...he's got some nerve moochin' onto your blanket. You thehamish are a very gud dug to share. X

  4. Hi, U-thehamish!

    I'm happy to see you talkin' in today's post, my gud buddy. I'm glad you are filled with glee for a change instead of woe. Know what I think? I think that big outdoor kattie, the wildcat/bobcat, would make a great INDOOR companion for you! Think off all the fun the two of you would have racing thru the house, playing with your toys and scaring bad kattie Oliver. :) It's great to see you looking happy and fit as a fiddle, gud buddy. I wish you and your human, the nice tall person who feeds you, a wonderful weekend!

  5. Whoa. A bobcat in the yard. And I thought (my nemesis) the fisher was big and scary!

    How long did it take, for Hamish to pulverize that toy? LOL

  6. Cats wander through our yard all the time, and we usually feed them. (Which, of course, is why they keep coming back...) But we have NEVER seen a bobcat in the yard! You sure have neat critter visitors.

    None are as sweet as thehamish, of course. :)

    Have a super weekend.

  7. Oh wow, you have bobcat strolling out there! You really have very rich wildlife right around your home!
    Looks like thehamish is enjoying his new toy :-) Love the last photo. thehamish shadow got a long neck :-)

  8. Wow! That bobcat is big and wonderful. The Hamish is a very brave boy.

  9. That is a very big kattie. I would be afraid of such a kattie. Be careful, you gud dog, thehamish.


  10. Love your blogging debut, Hamish.

  11. Big kitty...little kitty...and the Hamish. Sounds like a title for a children's book!

  12. Blimey, thehamish, that's a massive kittie to have in your garden! Love the new squeaky x

  13. Oh, Hamish! Do stay away from the big kitty! Bobcats aren't to be messed with!

    Looks like a good squeaky toy you got. Play with it instead.

    And you are definitely the pretty for the weekend!

  14. I wonder what Hamish thinks of the big cat. It scares me!

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