Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday stuff with gud dug and cats

Weekend stuff around Tucson.

 We planted winter grass.
Somehow I lost the before photo of grass cut down to the roots, raked and rather brown
and then covered in seed and fertilizer.

 But zap it just came up fast. We have to wait a fer weeks for the grass to get stronger
for a cut and trim.

 I am working in the studio a lot thehamish has gotten a few new
toys to help keep him busy. He has destroyed the Hedgehog squeaky already.
 So I will wash Hedgehog put a new squeaky in and put it away
to bring out another day.

 steely concentration




 squeaky !


As always  here is your pretty for the start of the week.

Oliver origami !
Tell me how is that comfortable ? Just looking at him gives me a headache.

toy. . . parsnip
music. . . Wrapped around Your Finger,  The Police


  1. Hi, Gayle!

    What a beautiful lawn you have there in Tuscon! I can picture a lively game of Croquet on that lush green carpet. May I assume the javelina don't have access to it?

    thehamish is a lucky gud dog to get new toys on a regular basis. I'm happy to learn that he's been sniffing the kitties and all is well so far. I hope the three of them can become besties. Oliver looks like a contortionist! :)

    Have a happy week, dear friend Gayle!

  2. The grass is just a very small place for the gud dugs but I love to see the green on a hot summer day. No javelinas or bunny now and we have the snake fence up.
    We hit a roadblock with the meet and greet but hopefully things will get better.

  3. Hamish is enjoying his hedgehog, I see. And Oliver is doing one of the things kitties love best--napping!

    1. How is that comfortable ? his neck is folded over upside down.

  4. Our dog Wiggy, does this turn bed, flip over thing and then shoves her face into the couch at the same time. Pets, they're nuts.

    Congrats on the grass.

  5. Albert takes care of my home and the grass. I just look, enjoy and pay the bills.
    Pets "they be crazy" !

  6. my cats sleep weird like that; my arthritis would have something to say about strange positions!

    thanks for the peak into your life; pet all the 4-foot furkids for me!

  7. Destroying toys is a doggie speciality.

    Yes, it looks weird, but cats are quite comfortable lying in very strange positions!

  8. Snake fence? Never heard of that one though I've seen them get stuck in chicken wire. My weenie in heaven, Mr. Winky, always used to bite off the nose and eyes first thing.

    1. It is a fine mesh fencing that helps keep the bunny and snakes out.

  9. Love the photos of the gud dug and Oliver. Yes a contortionist I think.


  10. It's hard work, but someone has to do it. Sitting in Incheon, Korea, heading home.

    1. Fabulous Airport !
      Safe flight home. Can not wait to see your photos.

  11. It's hard work, but someone has to do it. Sitting in Incheon, Korea, heading home.

  12. Your grass looks so beautiful! We got new sod in our tiny garden area recently. Hopefully it will stay alive...!
    Love seeing thehamish playing like puppy! You made me LOL with "origami," hahaha. Oliver folded himself so nicely!

    1. Cats are so weird..... tell me how is that a great way to nap !
      Goro was so darling as a kitten, what a sweet gud kitty.

  13. Me good eye likes them animules. AARR!


  14. It's no picnic being a hedgehog toy!

  15. The last couple of weeks I've been resting with my broken arm. Haven't worked on anything. Beanie and Hair Ball keep looking for my right hand to stroke their fur. It just hangs there. Anyway, the Hamish is Sweet.

  16. What a fierce little Scottie dog - and there is that cat again!