Friday, August 12, 2016

Square Dog Friday. . . thehamish revenge !

Oh My Goodness, no Wednesday or Friday post last week.
Their contract states I must not miss a 
Square Dog post on Friday.
But I did.
Oh My Goodness !  Not dragged to arbitration again !
But thehamish gave me a pass, both he and I have been very ill.
And we are just too tired. I have miss a few Monday and Wednesdays posts.
Now on to the good stuff.
Lets hit it.
wuff !

Yesh i thehamish is the gud stuff
wuff nice tall person who feeds us

i thehamish is hearin' something

yesh i thehamish is hearin' fud

wait is that chkikin'

bummer no chkikin i thehamish is bereif

what did i thehamish hear i thehamish was hoping for food.

maybe just a hope of chkikin'

woe is me


This photo was taken right before going to sleep.
I adore gud dug's noses way up close.


Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

I have been entering John's "Blogger contest for the Trelawnyd Flower and Vegetable Show".
 It is his followers way to enter the crazy veggie online contest.

You find a vegetable  from your garden (or bought for us bloggers) and
then think up an idea. It is suppose to be your idea, Not pinterest but...
The esteemed judge picks a first and second place from the photos taped up in the village hall.
It is a crazy way for John's followers to enter the show even though we live across the pond.
For me it is so much fun to think up an idea and then try to make it. Just fun.

This was my entry for 2016
My garden grows Prickly Pear Cactus.
 I used the Pads or Nopales and Fruit or Pears for my monster entry this year.
I am still picking out the very thin thorns or glochids from my arms, legs and hands.
What a huge mess.

Last years monster, I love Space Aliens and monsters and take time to really think about
what I will make.
 Here is The Angryparsnip disposing of a carrot that everyone
picks and eats instead of trying  how wonderful Parsnips are.

 Prickly Pear cactus fruit.

Zombie Walking Dead cactus fruit from last year.

None won !
Oh woe oh woe is me.
As thehamish would say.

carrot . . . parsnip
music. . . Tom's Diner, Suzanne Vega


  1. You're very creative with cactus fruit and vegetables, of course!

    Hamish loves the spotlight!

    1. He loves it.
      During one stay at hospital, he dragged in for a visit with us. He dragged himself over to the door hit his head on the door and stayed there. It was so sad, he wanted to go home. Then as my camera came out he turned his head around sat down and smiled. 100% difference. He love the camera.
      Little poo head !

  2. Hi, Gayle!

    I've been missin' you and I'm sorry to learn that you and gud dog thehamish have been ill. I hope you are both doing much better at this hour as we head into the weekend. I love the gud dog poses and enjoy reading his internal doggie dialogue. Woe is thehamish - not gettin' any chkikin' this time.

    I admire what you were able to do with your prickly pear. You fashioned it into a scary monster. It also reminds me of the mother ship from Close Encounters. :) I enjoyed studying all of the creatures you made from cacti and veggies.

    Please take care of yourself and gud dog thehamish and have a wonderful weekend, dear friend Gaye!

    1. Well Thank You
      Both thehamish and I are on to new doctors. Yuck.
      We will have a nice weekend hope you do too !

  3. O woe indeed on all counts, yours and thehamish. You made some marvelous monsters and I enjoyed them all but particularly enjoyed the parsnip.
    Mack the chihuahua bales us up at the gate and we only get in after negotiation. I don't think he would bite us but not sure about strangers. He's a good guard dog and deserves some chikkin :)


    1. All gud dug deserve chkikin' maybe some naughty ones too !

  4. Woe...oh woe. Regarding the flower show was robbed, ROBBED I say! Puking melon? Really? LOL. Been there, done that with a pumpkin last October. Ah well. There's always next year.

    Hoping you and thehamish are feeling much better and the new doctors work out for you both. Hugs. X

    1. When I saw the winner I almost PUKED ! In my eyes there were so many better ones. I loved your Bridesmaids.
      But I hope that winner whoever she is came up with that idea about 20 years ago. My friend in Laguna has be doing those kinds of pumpkins since our kids were little, Over 30 years ago. "Pinterest whatever" strikes again. I guess they do not have Jack o Lanterns or Halloween in Wales ?
      But that was very nice of you to say. I have been making monsters and robots since forever. I used to sew them out of paper and stuff will bead . I know that I am not the only one but at least they are my ideas.
      Both thehamish and I are getting sicker and not better. Our bodies are falling apart.
      Bummer !
      Hope everyone is have a nice summer, up in your neck of the woods.

  5. I heard the cactus fruits make good jam.

    1. Yes it does. But I buy it they are a pain to skin.
      I met Cheri who has made a huge business selling all sorts of Prickly Pear items.
      She even dyes tee shirts the most beautiful red rose magenta.

  6. Ha! You've got me thinking about doing something creative with that zucchini I picked yesterday. It's so big, it almost scary.

    Hope you and Hamish are feeling better.

    1. Lynn. carve it into something. Take a clear photo and next year enter it. I will tell you the dates.

  7. I can't believe that plant-eating monster didn't win! He was so imaginative!

    Love the veggie pix but the Hamish pix take the prize! Sorry you and he have felt bad!

    1. thehamish takes the prize always. He is just a hoot.

  8. Sorry to hear that you and the Hamish have not been well, hope you're both better now. He is so photogenic!! Love your veggies, I think they were worthy of a prize.

    1. There were so many cute ones but a barfing melon ? everyone in the States has made one.
      It was suppose to be your idea.
      Not that upset over losing but losing to that one.

  9. Replies
    1. xo
      I am thinking about your art pieces but I have a few others to finish first.

  10. Hope you and the Hamish are doing better.

    Love the parsnip eating the carrot.

    1. I know ... what is better that a parsnip eating a carrot !

  11. If thehamish will visit me, I will give him anything he wants.


    1. Your gud dugs might be too big for him.... he was attacked by a big dog and now is very wary. He was really hurt for a long time.
      But I know he would like them if given some time.

  12. Hehe... what great Monsters you've created. Love them. Happy to read that thehamish and you are well again.
    Take care

    1. I love monsters and cactus.
      That is what happens when you live in a desert for a long time.

  13. I'm sorry you and thehamish were not feeling good. I hope you both are better. He is such a sweet dug.
    Love your veggie arts!

    1. We both have a hard month but it is to be expected. No worries.
      I lurve my thehamish

  14. I'm sorry you and thehamish have been under the weather, but your food entry was monstrously good! Looks like a creature that would be in a sci-fi flick about aliens. I mean, wasn't there a movie about the invasion of giant killer tomatoes...? (a "few" years ago...) Why not killer cactus flowers? (a thorny question, for sure...)

    Have a super weekend.

    1. Attack of The Killer Cactus whahahahahahahahahah
      Leave it to a writer to come up with a great idea.

  15. Dear Parsnip, I love all the ways that you imagination allows you to reimagine produce. Those pictures are all quite wonderful.
    However, with your very willing gud dog near a camera, obviously the best pictures are of thehamish himself. Always.

    (Wishing that you both were feeling better. Thanks for the Suzanne Vega tune.) xo

  16. Get well soon both of you. I love all those crazy veg.

  17. Hello Parsnip, sorry to read you and Hamish have taken ill. Hope you both feel a bit better. The photos are great to watch and I love your new creation for the contest.
    Take care,

  18. Sorry to hear you and the Hamish are ill. I hope you'll both be better soon.

    Last year's monster looks downright scary!

  19. I remember last year's entry. It should have won! This year's is great too :o) Hope you're both feeling better? x

  20. LOVE your entries and of course the Hamish!