Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday in Japan or Tucson ?

I have been asked if I would post some of my quick Japanese pickles recipes.
And yes, they are very quick and tasty.
Last two weeks have been busy and haven't time to look back and find
some good photos of the pickles.
So next Wednesday's blog will be pickles. So good !
 On the way to a nice dinner at Sushi Zona. One of many lovely restaurants near my home.
You can see a storm building over the Santa Ritas Mountains.

 Tuna and salmon sashimi.
There was several other small plates but I forgot to take the photos because I was eating, opps !

 Son made Bengali Mustard Fish.
We loved this dish and will be put into our favorite Indian food rotation.
It was so fast and tasted fabulous. Especially if you love mustard, which I do.
He is such a great cook.


And Of Course !
Here is your mid-week pretty.

 thehamish is continuing  Watson sun naps on a hot summer day
inside a air conditioned home on the cool tile floor.

awwww sweet baboo.

fish. . . parsnip
music. . . Shape Of My Heart,  Sting


  1. Sun puddles always come in handy for a Scottie.

    Dramatic skies in that first shot.

    1. Like I said Scottie are just like cats, they love laying in the sun.

  2. Looks like he has his very own spotlight!

  3. Oh the tempura looks good. I love sushi, but haven't had the nerve yet to try sashimi. Who would have thought you'd have all those rains in Tucson?

    1. I do not have tempura very much, then when I do it tastes so fabulous.
      I tried something that I haven't had before, Fatty Yellowtail sashimi. Much like Super White Tuna it was tender, smooth, just like butter in the mouth with just a hint of sea. That is what is so great about sashimi, you can taste and enjoy the slice of fish, without rice.

  4. What dramatic photos in your last post!
    Good to see dear Hamish relaxing!

  5. I look forward to the pickles post :-)
    The Bengali mustard fish looks so yummy! And I looove tempura. Sweet potato and pumpkin tempuras are my favorite!
    Enjoy your sun puddles, thehamish :-) Have a great day!

    1. I love sweet potato and pumpkin too !
      You make better pickles that I do.

  6. Scotties in the spotlight? It's their due, after all!

  7. That food looks so good. There's so much squash in my garden, I think I'll tempura a couple...

  8. Well the Hamish has the best of both worlds - cool floor, air conditioning, sunshine.

  9. Well and truly in the spotlight!!

  10. Your photos remind me it is lunch time. Quite boring in contrast - a boiled egg :-)