Friday, June 24, 2016

Square Dog Friday . . . pantaloons

Here we are again at the best day of the week
Square Dog Friday.
One Little Square Black Dog thinks everyday is his best day and it is true.
Everyday is to be lived in the moment with chkikin'.

Back from his herbal body wrap and all dressed up for the 4th of July weekend.
His pantaloons are just fabulous !




A Little Square Black Dog in his element.
Pillows and inside a AC cooled home.

yesh i thehamish is thinkin' nice tall person who feeds us is makin' funny on me
so here is i thehamish action scotty attackin' the wild pizza


And of course here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Two days of an overcast sky have been very nice change from bright sun and high heat.

Son brought home a watermelon for me. 
I washed the outer skin with soap and water, I do this with all my veg and fruit.
But I really this do with any fruit and veg from mexico.
You have to because it will have drugs mostly cocaine and feces on it,
I didn't check the tag.
So when I cut into it I was so surprised, it was yellow and very pretty.

That is one of my very ripe homegrown tomatoes photobombing the watermelon.
Naughty !

Suprise !

yellow. . . parsnip
music. . . Don't Know Why,  Norah Jones


  1. Replies
    1. That only lasts for photos then it comes off. Too hot for neck wear !
      Is it snowing where you are ? The weather is so weird down here that I thought maybe
      you would have snow by now.

    2. No, it's mild at present. Temperatures seem rise and fall. We do need rain though.

  2. Happy Fourth of July Hamish!! Wow, time sure goes fast when you're adorable. Love the tomato photo bomb. I'm getting sick of homegrown tomatoes--we keep getting more and more!

    1. hahahahahahahaha..... that is why I only have one or two at the most.
      And this tomato was a off shoot from last years dead tomato plant.
      I like tomatoes but only eat a small amount. It is a nightshade and I am somewhat allergic so I am careful.
      Can you believe it is July already ?

    2. Do you have a dehydrator ? If you slice them thin and sprinkle some spices/sugar on them or not ,you can eat them like chips.

  3. Such a handsome fellow! And a patriot, too!

    Aren't those yellow watermelons yummy? We had one recently, too, and it was sweet as sugar.

    Have a super weekend. Try to stay cool! (We will. It's gonna be close to 100 degrees tomorrow, so the only time I plan to stick my nose out the door is to get the newspaper and mail.)

  4. The Hamish is looking especially handsome this week. Don't th I've seen a yellow melon before.

  5. I've never seen a yellow watermelon. Is it good? Handsome man, thehamish. Does he like fruit? Penelope loves apple slices. The late great Faulkner and some of his cohorts liked tomatoes, watermelon, and honeydew melon.


  6. the Hamish is so smart with his pantaloons - everyone will fall in love with him (but don't tell him, it will go to his head.)

  7. While thehamish wrestles with a pizza there appears to be a Giant Hedgehog coming up behind him. Look out!

  8. The tomato photobombing the watermelon cracked me up!

  9. Love the yellow, never had one. Photo number two is my top pick.

  10. There is something about that first photograph of thehamish in repose that reminds me of the Durer painting of a Young Hare.

    I would be happy to help you with your ripe tomato harvesting!

    Happy weekend to you and thehamish. xo

  11. I thought uh oh when I read pantaloons, as I thought diapers, then realized his cut. I love yellow watermelons and even the orange ones. Aw the clouds. They do help on hot days. Wish they would move over here.

  12. Heeeere's the Hamish! He's so photogenic, Gayle!

  13. thehamish is looking so handsome and shiny! Cute bandana. He looks very much ready for the 4th of July weekend :-) Love his action pics attacking wild pizza!
    That's a yummy looking watermelon. Pretty in yellow :-) Have a happy weekend!

  14. I do believe Hamish is the most handsome doggie around! He is so photogenic!

    I haven't had a yellow watermelon this year. Maybe later in the season. But the red ones I've had are delicious!

  15. That second photo of thehamish is so cute, he looks like he is smiling. I didn't know you could get yellow watermelon, I love the red ones.


  16. Except for my two, you have the cutest dog on Earth. ♡

  17. Bloody hell ,really watermelons are covered in cocaine and faeces.
    I never wash mine from Tesco.
    Will now!.

  18. Think ours come from Spain and Greece

  19. To you both and all the family have a very Happy 4th of July tomorrow.