Friday, April 15, 2016

Square Dog Friday with thehamish

Spring is here in fact it is zooming towards summer fast.
With all the plants blooming, critters running around,
spring happiness. But then there are the Rattlesnakes !
Oh My Goodness the Rattlesnakes.
After hibernating all winter when the Mum and babies come out they are crazy and hungry.
The babies snap at anything and the venom is strong.
It is boots on the feet season, big time !
But as you know this is the best day of the week 
Square Dog Friday.
So let's hear from thehamish take on rattlesnakes.
I am protecting nice tall person who feeds us
 here i thehamish is here but what do i thehamish is seein'
germmmerrr  nonono no snakes'




was there fud







 ohhhhhh i thehamish is winnin'

 hahahahahahah i thehamish is foolin'
this is basil my friend he is a gud snakie and we haven' fun
he is i thehamishs friend see his happy face
i thehamish is likin' basil
gud snake'

And as always here is your pretty for the weekend.

Blog friend Paul sent me this.
Is this not just perfect for The Square Ones ?
Love this !

snakes. . . parsnip
music. . . Counting Stars,  OneRepublic

Quick update.....
Lots of earthquakes in Japan right now.
My family is noth from Kyushu and are fine.
But they have friend in the Kyushu area and are concerned. 
There is also a semi-active volcano there.
There have been many pre-quakes and a much bigger one plus after quakes.
Early this morning there was a 7.3  quake with more smaller quakes and rain.
There friend have not been able to sleep so many quakes they just keep coming.
My children were raised in Laguna Beach California with lots of earthquakes 
and a perfect ocean bed for a tsunami.
I will post more on this tomorrow.

Smile today and count the good times.
cheers,  gayle and thehamish


  1. Hi, dear Gayle!

    It's a gud thing basil is a gud snake and thehamish's buddy or else he'd be pushing up daisies by now. I hope thehamish knows the difference between his toy pal and a real rattler. As I told you before, Mrs. Shady and I traveled through your region in 2014 on the way to San Diego and back. At every rest stop along the way there were signs warning of scorpions and poisonous snakes.

    I have been reading about the quakes in Japan and I pray that all of your family members and their friends are AOK and remain out of harm's way.

    Have a great weekend, dear friend Gayle!

    1. thehamish is a fighter like all gud scotties.
      When I first moved in Watson and thehamish doubled teamed a coyote. He was on the other side of the fence, open iron fence, but coyotes can jump any fence. He looked very surprised to see 2 of them. I looked at The Boys and then looked up again he was gone. But rattlesnakes a big no.

  2. OMG the Hamish and the rattlesnake is just what I needed.
    This 2nd quake was quite a bit bigger and my daughter said it felt much worse. Turns out she's only about 100km or 63 miles from where they hit. I'll be a lot happier when things settle down over there.

    1. He is very funny gud dug.
      Bad stuff happens no matter where you live.
      We were almost overtaken by a wildfire in Laguna Beach, when my home was burned down. In fact I told oldest son to grab the little ones and run into the ocean if the fire caught us.
      Son has lived through some big shakers in California, New Zealand and Japan, In reality things never really settle down. they are on The Ring of Fire.
      You just have to have faith all is fine.

  3. I hope Ham has boots too. My weenies would try and attack the snakes with me screaming like a banshee. I'm not scared of snakes thank goodness. Those earthquakes sound really bad and in the rain. Terrible. Hope all are well.

    1. I have a snake fence on the open part of the iron fence. Snakes can climb them but they really don't want to so it is a good barrier.
      Son said the friends are not getting much sleep the aftershocks just keep coming.

  4. thehamish is so adorable wrped by his snakie friend :-) What a fun he is having! I love the free chicken strips poster! I bet thehamish will be so excited if he sees it :-)
    Glad your family is safe but they must be really worried about their friends in Kyushu. I hope they will be ok.

    1. I hope your family is fine and out of danger.

  5. Oh these photos are so cute of Hamish and the rattlesnake. It made me smile :)
    I saw the news about the earthquakes in Japan. Always so scary.

    1. Hamish is alway good for a smile. He is a sweety.

  6. I must say Gayle that when i heard about the earthquakes in Japan I did immediately think of your family out there. Glad they are alright.
    Hope Hamish's friend Basil will protect him from the real thing.

  7. Hamish is so cute playing with his snake! I'm glad we don't have a lot of rattlesnakes where we are!

    And I thought of your family when I heard about the earthquakes. I'm glad they're all right but so sorry for the people injured and killed.

    1. Rattlesnakes and scorpions I could do without.

  8. The quakes have made the news here as well. I hope the fault lines there start calming down quickly.

    Good on Hamish showing who's the boss.

    1. As I understand two vault lines came together and you can see where they met.

  9. Well, there are good snakes, like Basil, and then there are not-so-good rattlesnakes!

    Hope Hamish takes advantage of that offer for free chicken strips! Happy Square Dog Friday!

    1. thehamish is a hoot he know where the chicken strips treat jars are.

  10. I hope things settle down out there in Japan, and your family stays safe.

    And may Hamish and the snake settle their differences.

    1. thehamish is a nice winner, chicken strip for all.

  11. I'm relived to hear about your family but I hope their friend is alright. That picture of FREE CHICKEN STRIPS got several giggles......perfect for you and thehamish. Speaking of thehamish, what a cutie!

    1. Their friend are fine but tired.
      I just saw that chicken strip sign and it made me laugh

  12. It sounds terrifying. I hope they find their friend. I heard that many people are sleeping outside because they feel it is safer, despite the rain.

    1. So far their friends are fine but.....
      I really haven't had a new update on them.

  13. Sending good thoughts to those in trouble.

    Very funny about the chicken strips and the rattlesnake.

  14. Basil is a lovely snake! May he be the only snake to ever mess with Hamish! So glad to hear your family in Japan is OK.

  15. Yes Basil is very nice and I am sure almost every home in America has one from IKEA.

    cheers, parsnip

  16. Hope your family is safe in Japan. How did Eve miss this giant Basil of a snake! Adorable and so are the chicken strips. So cute. Hugs to all.