Monday, March 14, 2016

parley view parsnip, weekend in Tucson.

Busy weekend in Tucson.
First of all the huge Tucson Festival of Books. 
A three day extravaganza of authors, books, books, authors, books and more books.
There are discussions, talks and more books. 
All held on the University Of Arizona Mall. 
Last year 130,000 people had a great time.

All photos are from the Arizona Daily Star.

 Many authors premier their books here and come back every year. It is a huge show.
CSPAN2 has been showing coverage of authors, books and discussions.

I turned on CSPAN2 Sunday at 9am, and heard a great discussion with Douglas Brinkly
on his new book "Rightful Heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Land of America"
 More about his book in my book review about Teddy Roosevelt and the start of the Park System in America. Jim Cook the narrator was somewhat snarky off subject but all and all a terrific hour.
Being a Western Lady and a USFS family this is a big part of my life.
Then on Saturday and Sunday Davis Monthan Air Force Base,
had their Open House and Airshow.
I grew up going to these shows.


 And if this wasn't enough, Old Tucson, a movie set open to the public had a big Stuntman Show
with the old and new stuntmen performing.


Also in the Sunday Newspaper was a fabulous article about a family that just seems to
to adopt dogs that are disabled. The first impaired dog they adopted was a blind puppy.
He just died a few months ago at age 13. They now have two blind and deaf dog, one that is blind, one has one good eye and deaf in one ear. The family doesn't think they are special they just don't think people understand what good pets they are.
They are just like any other dog, they just want to be loved, petted and fed.

All and all a great weekend in Tucson.
Something for everyone.

And just because I can here is your pretty to start the week.

My Little Square Black Dog.
A smiling thehamish.
He liked the weekend too.

books. . . parsnip
music. . . Yesterday,  The Beatles


  1. Hi, dear Gayle, and God bless thehamish! He's a pretty gud dog! It looks like the Tuscon area is teeming with interesting activities and exhibits. Here in Central Fla we have the annual Sun 'N Fun Fly-in air show that attracts pilots and vintage and experimental aircraft from far and wide. Bless those people who adopt perfectly imperfect dogs and give them a forever home. The world needs more like them!

    Have a great week, Gayle!

  2. A smiling Hamish - you can't get much prettier than that¬

  3. The books would definitely draw me in. Quite a smile from Hamish!

  4. Wow! What a wonderful weekend. So many things to see and do! Of course thehamish must have enjoyed himself with that big smile!

  5. What a smile! Would love to attend a book festival!!! The stuntman event sounds so interesting, quite a weekend.

  6. I had a chance to see the air show once before. It was incredible! Love the article about the dogs. Those "special needs" animals don't think they are special or "disabled." They are just as happy as other animals :-)
    thehamish has got such a big, cute smile! Good photo to start the new week :-)

  7. Sounds like you had a busy weekend!

    Your Hamish is as cute as ever!

  8. Must admit to thinking of Top Gun ( CA and now NV )and the US bases in your corner of the country.
    Who's got lovely teeth then?

  9. Sounds like a really good time! I love the idea of a book festival!

    We spent the weekend camping with our two gud dugs...I'm still recovering but we had a blast! :)

  10. What a cute photo of Hamish!

    I love the book fairs. I did the Miami Book Fair one year. The biggest problem for me was having to stay in the booth all day!

  11. I'm glad Hamish is keeping you on the cultural band wagon. Speaking of books I am just enjoying one recommended by a fellow blogger-'The secret Life of Winnie Cox' - takes you into a different world.