Friday, November 27, 2015

Square Dog Friday. . . turkey turkey turkey

Here we are again the best day of the week
Square Dog Friday !
Let's not wait any longer let's woof it !

 gunerff slur oof
 nourff gummpu
 i thehamish is thinkin' turky is tastin' just like
i thehamsih is lovin' turkry
chikin' chikikin' chikinturkey is gud for i thehamish

Our Thanksgiving is very small and quiet.
The weather was lovely and I had the doors open.
Son cooks, Ina Graten's Turkey Roulade
Daughter her partner and I made a few sides. 
Very easy no mess no fuss. 
Just a small family cooking together and having fun. 
 This is so good, cooks fast and is very easy.
Of course he has changed a few ingredients but has only made it better.
 Forgot to take a photo of the brussel sprout salad.

 thehamish has asked me to ask all the parents of gud dugs and kitties to remember
what they really want. A bucket of squirrel sausages sound pretty gud to me.
This gets thehamish seal of approval.


And of course here is your pretty to start the weekend.

I shocked Daughter by saying I was going to go out on black friday to shop !
Now I really do not "shop" and especially do not go out with thousands of people
pushing shoving  and sneezing germs...
I am"shopping" at Walgreens to pick up my medicines and get the flu shot I forgot.
I did get a pneumonia shot already thank goodness !
So here is your pretty
Blurry photos shot from the car of this week's wonderful  sunset.

turkey. . . parsnip
music. . . Thankful Heart,  The Muppets


  1. All good. Like Hamish, I just had my favorite part of Thanksgiving - my turkey sandwich. But, my weenie daughter, Emmy, can't find her baby. We've looked high and low for her furry squeaky toy but we can't find it. Major sulking around here.

    1. Oh no a lost favorite ! I hope it was misplaced under the bad sofa.
      When I moved I packed a small basket of toys for The Square Ones. Many months later I was unpacking a box that had the other basket of toys in it.
      Well you would have thought it was Christmas. I have never seen The Square Ones act like this nose in rooting through the basket, a few toy flew out and walaaa they found the toy they wanted.
      It was so sweet I wish I has a movie of it. Especially now since Watson is no longer here to find the special toy.

  2. Lovely sky shots! TheHamish looks deliriously pleased!

  3. Hello Parsnip, Great captures of Hamish enjoying his Turkey. Your thanksgiving dinner looks very tasty. Love the colors of the sky.
    Hope you had a great day with the family.

  4. Hello, thehamish. Please don't tell anyone, but your Fridays on the blog are my favorite part of the blogosphere.

    Janie, Franklin, and Penelope

    1. If I didn't post photos of the Square Ones no one would read my blog !

    2. We've found that posts by Franklin and Penelope are more popular than posts by Janie Junebug.

    3. hahahahahahahahaha, so true !
      My blog especially.

  5. What a lovely Thanksgiving. It's OK that you forgot to take a picture of the brussel sprout salad. (yuck!) ha!

    I know some doggies who would agree with Hamish about the squirrel sausage.

  6. Yay for thehamish, the turkey looks delicious! Glad you had good Thanksgiving Day with your family.
    Haha, I don't really shop in stores, either. I shop mostly online nowadays.
    Sorry I've been absent. Been busy but I got to slow down and relax for this long weekend :-)
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  7. This is the best kind of Thanksgiving.

    And the Hamish gives good advice for pet parents. I find myself wishing I had some non-human family members to buy gifts for. In February, it will be five years since Sam left us, and I still have my moments when I think about him and cry.

    Any remaining Christmas shopping I do will all be done online. I will not go near any malls or other retailers until January!

    1. Anytime of year I am careful of crowds and unless my crazy friends from Laguna come here and toss me in the car I rarely go out and "shop".

  8. What beautiful clouds!

    I think Hamish loves that turkey. I hope he got his fill!

  9. Parsnip, happy that you, your son, your daughter, her partner, and Hamish had a great Thanksgiving (I hope I got everyone in.)

    1. That is a mouthful.
      We are a small family here but more of us in Japan.
      And yes we had a lovely non stressed Thanksgiving.
      Hope yours was as lovely. Are you knee deep in snow yet ?

  10. No, parsnip, it's been a mild winter , actually fall, so far.

  11. That food looks delish. How lucky are you?

  12. I'm with you on not shopping on black friday. Your thanksgiving meal looks delicious. Tell thehamish that T and P are getting squeaky Christmas Trees with dangly legs for Christmas, because their pheasants are on their last legs. I think they'll be pleased, even though a bucket of Squirrel Sausages would be probably have also gone down well :o)

    1. thehamish has a flat big red and white round peppermint loud squeaky hidden away for Christmas.

  13. Your dinner looked yummy. Bet it was. We had our Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel.

    1. It seem several people in blog land have be talking about Cracker Barrel.
      I don't know what that restaurant is.

  14. Replies
    1. It was lovely.
      The x always would ruin any holiday so one without him is a nice one for us.

    2. Glad to hear that he is not spoiling any more holidays for you and your family.