Sunday, September 6, 2015

Goodby Sweet Watson.

On Saturday September 5th
a very cool beautiful morning with a light mist falling, 
Dr. Watson died at home surrounded by the people who loved him.

As Adam held him the doctor first gave him an injection to relax him 
and help with the pain and then the last injection to free him from pain.
We knew his arthritis in his hip and leg was getting worst but
he seemed to rally when Japanese family came for a visit.
His special little person Mia was here.
As soon as they left he took a turn for the worst. Watson was pulling inward.
Sleeping most of the day, rapid breathing and not eating.
He started to be constantly with Adam, his person.
Sleeping most of the day on his bed.

Another trip to the doctor showed he had a extremely painful 
 form of fast moving, invasive bone cancer that was spreading.
At 17 (about 95) I had no choice but to relive him of his pain. 
Adam took him on one last walk, mostly carrying him
To his favorite places to look for bunnies and sniff the flowers.

Adam  asked if I could make his favorite pancakes.

Which he ate and seemed to enjoy.

One of his last photos with a new toy.

 We will be looking for a flowering bush/tree to plant by the pond that I can see
from my computer desk.
Watson loved looking at and sniffing flowers, watching the bunnies,
birds and chipmunks that come every day.
We will put his ashes and Kirby's the Scotty he was a companion to
just like Sherlock Hound.  They are/will be together again.
I will not be blogging for some time.
If you noticed I have already cut down on the amount of posts
to spend more time with Watson.
I need some time to regroup.
I always thought that even with Watsons age, 
thehamish would leave us first.
Extremity offensive language that I do not say or write. 

 Dealing with all of Watson's  problems
and the concern and heartbreak that comes with it.
I am having some misgivings with blogs.
One wonderful blog I usually read every morning had one
of his too clever commenters calling me a fucking american.

Now if he would have said fucking american government
I would have let it pass. I rarely agree with my government.
But to say I am a fucking american ?
Does he know me and my life ?
Plus he conventionally forgot what his country the UK has been doing
 in this region before WW1 is rather one sided.
But typical.
One of his friends then attacked me when I protested

So I have to step back,  regroup and think.
My heart is broken and I have been in tears since last Monday.
I know in my brain it was the right decision for Watson
but my heart  doesn't know that yet.
I miss my sweet baaboo.

I will not be commenting on all your wonderful blogs for now.
I want to rest.
I have had a month long migraine. 

Thank you for all the wonderful comments.
cheers, gayle


  1. My condolences, Gayle, your blog always gives me many smiles. Hope you feel better soon.
    I read the comments on the above mentioned blog and was stung, too.

  2. Your blog brought tears to my eyes, I know how hard it is to lose a family member like Watson, please accept my condolences.
    As for the end of your blog, to hell with people like that! Not worth worrying about, my dear angry parsnip.

  3. Sending you my best final arrrroooo hug
    So sorry so sorry x

  4. I am beyond sorry for Watson and everything you are going through. So, so sorry.

    My door is always open if you need to vent or chat or anything.

    Hugs & Bugs,
    - Me

  5. God bless your sweet heart. I am so sorry about Watson. I have tears for you and thehamish. I had no idea someone had called you something so stupid. I have nothing but love for you, my friend. If you would like to vent or say absolutely anything and know it will not be repeated, please feel free to email me at


  6. Oh no, Gayle, I'm so sorry....I'm in all tears and shock, and thinking what you are going through just breaks my heart. I know you love Watson so much, and relieving him from pain was the kindest but most difficult decision you had to make. I'm really sorry. But Watson was a very happy dog loved deeply and he was with his family when making the journey to heaven. Please know my thoughts are with you. Please cry a lot now and take as much time you need. Sending love and hugs to you...Tamago

  7. This is devastating to me; I can't imagine how it is for you, sweet friend. I'm so sorry for your lost. Your blog is such a lovely testament to your four-legged friends and it brings me joy to read your posts. But for now, I'm going to cry with you. Poor Watson; poor thehamish has lost a friend. Poor angryparsnip; broken hearts hurt.

    Bless you for the strength to do what needed to be done and with so much dignity and love.

    As for the commenter, what in the heck is wrong with people? I've been a victim of "blog backlash" and it stinks. How in the heck does a stranger feel comfortable attacking someone? What wiring is misfiring there? And as far as attacking America or Americans, phooey! No place is perfect and the only ones allowed to complain are those with a vested interest in this country. If you aren't living here and voting, back off, stranger.

    I'm sorry that many humans are idiotic and unkind. They walk among us.

    Tis a Fearful Thing
    by Yehuda HaLevi (1075 – 1141)

    ‘Tis a fearful thing
    to love what death can touch.
    A fearful thing
    to love, to hope, to dream, to be –
    to be,
    And oh, to lose.
    A thing for fools, this,
    And a holy thing,
    a holy thing
    to love.
    For your life has lived in me,
    your laugh once lifted me,
    your word was gift to me.
    To remember this brings painful joy.
    ‘Tis a human thing, love,
    a holy thing, to love
    what death has touched.

  8. I am so very, very sorry Gayle. Such a gud dug you have lost. My heart breaks for you.

    Have wanted to email you since that horrible incident to let you know how much I supported your intelligent and thoughtful comments to those miserable individuals. What a terrible ordeal you've been through for weeks now. I'm available if you want to chat. I'll be in touch. Take care of yourself. Hugs to you and thehamish. X

  9. I am sorry to hear about your dear Watson, I know you loved him dearly. Thehamish will be missing him too.
    I don't know where people get off thinking they have the right to publicly comment on another country's politics, or to abuse others who live there. It puzzles me.
    Take your time at coming back to blog, heal up first.


  10. Dear Gayle, I am terribly sorry to learn of your loss, the loss of your beloved Dr. Watson. I can tell from these pictures that he was a wonderful companion all these many years. Your description of his final days reminded me very much of my own ordeal when my ailing Cocker Spaniel Toto needed to be put to sleep two years ago at the age of fourteen. I love her and miss her every day. I know in my heart that Toto has welcomed your Watson to Rainbow Bridge, the place where our pets patiently wait for us. A happy reunion is coming. Keep that in mind and let it give you strength in the days and weeks ahead. God bless!

  11. I'm so, so sorry. I will miss him. Always an awful decision to have to make. As to blogs and commenters, I also read the comments and they saddened me. I suspect such things wouldn't be said if it was face to face. Thankfully they don't represent all bloggers. I am thinking of you and sending you sympathies. I would miss you and hamish if you stopped blogging altogether. Xx

  12. Dear Parsnip, I am so sorry to read about Watson had to be put to sleep. I understand you need time to come to turn with his passing away.
    Also I am very sorry that some bloggers have no respect for other bloggers and write such horrible comments. Do not let them take you down they are not worth it.
    Whising you all the best and take your time.
    With respect and thinking of you,

  13. Oh Gayle, I'm so sorry about Watson. He was such a sweet unforgettable boy.

    It is mind blowing how rude some people are online. Sometimes I wonder if they'd be as brazen if they had to look you in the eye when they say such unkind things.

    You'll be in my prayers as you regroup.

  14. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, dear friend! you have my heart. We'll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.

    Take care of yourself, Gayle and remember that the lovelies in the blogging world far outnumber the trolls! *hugs*

  15. Gayle, I'm so sorry.... he was such a wonderful and good dog, and such a character. He was loved by many.

  16. Gayle, my heart goes out to you. I know how painful this is for you. Take care of yourself and Hamish. Love you all.

  17. I'm sorry, Gayle. I know i've not been blogging much since Sir Poop's issues. My hubby asked me about my dog posts. But it's not the same with him being sick. For now he is still here.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  18. I am so sorry to hear about Dr. Watson. You are so right, he had a great life and was wonderfully loved but that does not take away the pain of losing a family member. I remember making that decision for my sweet Katie girl and she is now in heaven with my dad for 3 years already. Another friend of mine has a little area just for her pug, Sydney. She planted lavender which Syd loved and found a stone with a paw print in it and made it a nice oasis. You must take your time to grieve. I also hope that some lousy, "looking to be offended or offensive" people will not ultimately discourage you from all the people who truly care for you in blog land. We can't control what they do or say, these short-sighted people, but we can change how we react to them. I hope, in time, you will choose to stay and let all the people who will miss you, keep your faith in blogland. My thoughts are of you and your family. I hope you other fur baby is ok

  19. I'm so sorry that you had to say good bye to dear Dr. Watson. He was a good dog and had a wonderful life with you.

  20. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Kindest regards,
    (from another f'n American!)

  21. parsnip, I just read about Watson and I am weeping here for you and your sweet little boy. I know how sad you must be .. I hate that they can't live as long as we do . God bess him, he was a Good Boy. Sending hugs and love. C

  22. Dear Gayle, Rest easy that you did your very best for dear Watson - you loved him to the very end. I have lost dogs over the years and it never gets any easier - you just have to remember that providing you gave them all your love for their lifetimes then that is about as good as it gets.
    Take your time, give Hamish lots of cuddles - he will be missing his friend and companion too - be please do come back when you feel ready. A lot of us will miss you. Love.

  23. Dear Gayle: I am so sorry to hear of Watson's passing. AS someone who to quote Rudyard Kipling: "has
    given her heart to a dog to tear" I know how hard it is to let them go. AS to the American haters: Pardon my Language: F---
    them! They are not worth your time or emotion. I hope you return to blogging soon as I enjoy your Scottiness, hearing about
    your family iin Japan and seeing all your beautiful pictures of Arizona. Take care of your Hamish and certainly yourself.
    God bless and keep you!

    Meredith in Oklahoma

    1. Meredith, I have been Thanking everyone on their blog but you don't have one ?
      I hope you read this because I appreciate your visit.

      cheers, gayle

    2. No, ma'am, I don't. I just have several that I enjoy going to. Yours is one of my favorites as I love Scotties, and I have very much enjoyed your pictures of Arizona. So much so that I hope to visit someday, even though I am really not a fan of heat. Take care of yourself and the Hamish and know that you have someone thinking of you in Oklahoma.

      Best wishes!

  24. Hi Parsnip!
    Just catching up as have been travelling a bit, so don't know if you are still reading your blog.
    I have tremendous respect for those who know when the time is right to help their loved animals be free of pain. Though it breaks your heart it is the kindess thing to do.
    Re. "clever" bloggers. haven't read the post but could have a pretty good guess as to who you mean. Rise above them you are SO much better.
    On a lighter note. The carrots being grown from the seed you sent to Weaver are coming on well and I will post a photo when they are ready and comment about it on her blog so that you know.
    Hope you get your blogging mojo back and wish you peace while you let your heart rest

  25. Very sorry for your loss. I've lost both a cat and a dog in the last 10 years and know how hard it is.

  26. I am so sad to hear about Watson. I know there will a hole in your heart for a long while but hold those memories close and with time, the hurt will fade.

    1. Clip, Thank You for for your kind words about Watson.

      cheers, gayle

  27. Oh my goodness the pain you are feeling must be immense. I'm soo sorry. My measly little tears will dry up but your heart will always miss Watson and those who followed your blog and story will miss that adorable square piece of love. Hugs to you, big-time and licks from Pinky and Fiona!

  28. Just to add my loving support to you dear Gayle.
    I have just written to you.
    A pox on all trolls.xoxox

  29. I am so very sorry. Watson was a lovely little dog and you must be grieving terribly. I'll tell you what I keep telling myself since I lost my sweet cats: "Time will help." Get through one day and then another and while you'll always have a little part of your heart missing, someday you can smell the flowers again and remember him without crying.

    As for those twits who insulted you: Pffft to them! Don't waste another moment thinking about them. Your friends understand and look forward to the day you once again feel like writing.

  30. I'm so sorry to read about Watson and your hurtful experiences blogging. Look at all these comments here. These are the people who count - the ones who see who you are and love you for it.

    I love the poem Cherdo shared.

  31. Dear Gayle:
    I've been ignoring blog world and just saw this. I am truly sorry for your loss. I know that Watson was truly a friend, companion and love of your life. I know he is in a better place right now.



  32. Just checking in to see how you are? I've been thinking of you x

  33. I am so sorry about your Watson. I always enjoyed reading about him. It is always such a sad time when our pet's time with us is over.

    Take care.

    Susie D.

  34. Dear Parsnip...I see your name all the time over at Pat's....When I read about your loss, I had to come and tell you that I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear dear Watson......I know the pain of this is so truly terrible.....And I understand. These sweet dear loving creatures crawl into our hearts in such a deep deep way....It's a loss, like no other. My heart goes out to you, my dear Parsnip, and I send you Healing Hugs.

  35. Oh, Parsnip, I have been away from Blogland and I didn't realise that Watson had passed on. I don't know what to say, I felt I had got to know him after reading so much about him, and seeing the photos. Of course you are right, he would not have been able to understand why he was in such pain. That does not make it less painful for you, but you gave him a happy and well loved life.

  36. Oh, Parsnip, I have been away from Blogland and I didn't realise that Watson had passed on. I don't know what to say, I felt I had got to know him after reading so much about him, and seeing the photos. Of course you are right, he would not have been able to understand why he was in such pain. That does not make it less painful for you, but you gave him a happy and well loved life.