Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rain Fire Pluto and a Horned Melon !

Rain Fire Pluto and a Horned Melon walk into a bar....

Monsoons in Tucson is always filled with some excitement.
Both good and bad.
The last few day has held both.
Summer storms are filled with wind, rain, hail, lighting and lots of thunder.
The native people call this the man rain. Lots of noise and destruction.
The winter rains are usually soft and nourishing call the female rains.
This week we have had it all. Fast moving storms filled with lots of lighting strikes.

On the west end of the Catalina mountains (about 25 minutes from me) is the Buster Fire.
Started by several lighting strikes, in a rocky terrain in a high elevation wilderness area.
The fire is being watched but no crews have been dispatched. The fire is burning old excessive brush and cleaning up the area.
This is also an habitat for Big Horned Sheep.  Officials have been monitoring the sheep GPS coordinates through their collars.
The fire has spread and as of yesterday doubled in size.

 These photos are from the CBS TV channel Tucson Now page.

And then the rain looks very lovely.
Son took this photo.

Here is your  mid-week pretty
It is Pluto Time !

pluto. . . parsnip
music. . . Rocket Man,  Elton John
For everyone who asked. the veg/fruit
I used was the Horned melon.

 You can eat the seeds (bland) but what you want is the sweet green jelly like fruit
around the seeds. It is sort of a cucumber and kiwis mix.


  1. The fire looks fearsome, the rainbow looks lovely, and Pluto needs to be restored as a planet!

  2. Beautiful photos. Although fire is as scary as all get out.

  3. When you live around wildfires you need to be cautious but not much more you can do.

  4. Yikes on the wildfires. Seriously scary pictures.

    Cool beans on the produce. I've never tried one of those before, but I have seen the outside before. Never saw the innards.

  5. Those fires look scary Parsnip - home they weren't too near to you - didn't you once lose your home to a bush fire?
    That horned melon is interesting - I have never seen one here.

  6. Sorry - in the first sentence I obviously mean 'hope'

  7. Scary, scary pictures. We watched a fire burning in the mountains above us when we lived in So. California.

    1. My home burned in the first big fall fire that all if Southern California was on fire.
      Fires were everywhere plus a huge earthquake. What a mess

  8. The photos of wildfire are scary. I hope lot of rain will move in and keep the damage as little as possible. The photo taken by your son is beautiful. I saw rainbow the other day, too.
    I've never tried horned melon, or I don't think I've ever seen it in local stores. Inside looks quite interesting!

    1. We see them in California and Arizona a lot,
      What I want to try is a Pitaya. It is so pretty I hope it would taste as good as it looks.

  9. Wow! That is some fire. Certain plants only set seed once they've been through fire so I guess the hillside will be bursting green once it recovers.

    1. That is why the Forest Service is watching it close. So far it hasn't grown and we are forecast for more rain.

  10. Amazing photos! I hope the wildfires stay contained.

    Meanwhile, I'm wondering what horned melon tastes like, yet am strangely worried that I might like it...

  11. Never a dull moment over there. Who needs television?