Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday in Japan and Tucson.

 I am still playing catch up.
But here I am posting my Wednesday in Japan, sort of.
If you have read my blog for any length of time,
you know my love of anything pickled. 
From my Polish upbringing to my family living in Japan,
we all love anything pickled.
I usually make quick Japanese refrigerator pickles. 
So easy and so good and you can eat them right away.
No special jars, water baths, big pots and all the other stuff.
Today I tried out a new gadget. I am not one for buying the latest must have.
This gadget said in a day it can infuse your veggies  with more flavor.
 So here is my first batch of Vacu Vin carrots and onions. 
In a smaller regular jar some carrots, onions and cauliflower.
I made my own brine with vinegar, water, sugar, salt, mustard seeds, salt and pepper.
I can't wait to taste them.
They are suppose to last in your refrigerator for two months.
In my home maybe 2 days.  
 Daughter and partner when out to Randolf Park and she packed them a
Bento Box for lunch.
 All tied up and ready to go. 
Yummy and pretty.


And just because I can here is your mid-week pretty

The Javelinas are back in the late morning and visiting my yard.
 Young pretty lady
 A Mum with her wee beautiful baby.
The babies stick like glue to their Mums and follow everything she does.
They are like tiny hairy loafs of bread.
The herd, looks out for the babies and can be very frightening
in protecting their young.

 Here is a Mum with a young teen.
I have two small water ponds for the birds and wildlife.
Here is the small family group drinking and rolling around in the water.
The leader is a young male and I hope they do well.
So many people are very cruel and shoot these 
wonderful animals or try to run them over.
They were here first and deserve our understanding and respect.
My land is for them to find some quiet time. I leave them alone.
happy. . . parsnip
music. . . The Love Parade,  The Dream Academy


  1. "Hairy loaves of bread" Wonderfully descriptive!

  2. They're so cute!

    I'm not into pickled stuff (I keep thinking pickled pigs feet, which is what I grew up with)--but I love those food containers. Where do you get them?

    1. She probably found then in a store but you can get the Japanese decorated ones and now plain ones on Amazon.

    2. Norma When I was younger I loved pickled pig feet.

  3. The javelinas certainly are interesting critters to have around!

    1. Now that I know they are coming around again I always have to check who is outside before I let them out.
      Fence or no fence thehamish has a big bark.

  4. Those pickled goodies really look yummy. I used to make a lot of pickles... especially very thinly sliced bread and butters. Recently I pickled some mushrooms and onions, but that cauliflower of yours looks better than any of that. I used to love pickled cauliflower, but for some reason, haven't eaten in in years. (Hmmm... might have to fix that...)

    That baby javelina is adorable. It's so cool that you offer them a safe place. :)

    1. I live in the foothills on a big piece of land in a group of homes very close to the mountains.
      We get lots of wildlife one of the reasons I picked here to live instead of the city.
      After my life so far, quiet is good thing !
      I don't feed the animals but water I think is OK.
      Just tried the pickles.... so good doesn't even cover it.

  5. Oh my gosh, how cute are they. Love your vedge, looks great.

    1. I bet they were. I'd love to reach into the screen and snag one.

  6. Hello Parsnip, those pickeld vegetables look very tasty indeed. And than the Javelinas, so great you have them coming to your yard. Never heard of these animals. So cute also those little ones!

  7. Home-made pickles! They look very yummy and healthy. I love cauliflower. Pickled cauliflower sounds super delicious :-) Those bento boxes looks looks so yummy, too. I love rice ball. And the sausages got eyes, how cute!
    Javelinas are adorable. The mom and baby are so sweet together. They are very lucky to get nice water ponds and peace in your yard. I agree with you, they do deserve respect!

  8. Sad that people try to shoot them or run them over.

  9. The javelinas are adorable. My daughter in Japan has started pickling veggies too.

  10. My mouth is watering over the pickled veggies. I need to try that. When I was in SC for a book festival, one of the ladies that bought my book, gave me a jar of pickled okra. (I hate Okra...but absolutely loved the pickled variety.) The jar is nearly empty. I love the wildlife pictures. Well actually, I love almost every picture you post.

  11. I think I shall try pickling my carrots. Sounds yummy. The bento boxes look yummy, too. And the critters a re cute.

  12. Cute little piglets and you are so sweet and organized.