Friday, November 14, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . Space Battleship Yamato

Friday is as always the best day of the week.
Especially if your a Little Square Black Dog !
And today is even better, if that could even happen 
The Square Ones are helping me review this months  
The Armchair Squid  host every second Friday of the month.
And this months movie is Space Battleship Yamato.
review one by me thehamish is getting ready to see the movie
not knowing if i understand movie that is havin' no chkikin' strips in it
not understandin'
thinkin' it needed chkikin' strips

Review #2 Watson is sitting outside and re-watching the movie with me.
Oh wow ! The Gamilas are bad aliens.
The wave motion engine is great !
This is so good.
Snacks are very good too !
When the movie came out in 2010 I was going to be in Japan. 
I would have waited in line to watch this movie.
One old gray haired handicapped American lady with walker
along with 300 anime nerd boys and
400 screaming fan girls in love with Takuya Kimura.
Good Times !
Plus everyone wanted the jacket Takuya wore in the movie.
But I didn't make it in time. So I had to wait for the DVD.
I enjoyed the movie because of all the history I have with the anime series.
 Watching Star Blazers, with my children. 
Yes, I am that mum.
I think the two hour movie did a good job of squishing in as much 
as they could of the original series.
You can watch this movie with out knowing all the back story and the history
of WWll, the Atom Bomb, Radiation and the original Battleship Yamato. 
And how all of this is ingrained into the Japanese psyche. 
Although I think it helps.
The movie starts in 2199 after the Gamilas attack the earth dropping radiation bombs.
What people are left are now living underground. 
Their last chance of survival depends on the  United Nations of Space
rebuilding the old Battleship Yamato
(a battleship sent out to give the Japanese people hope
that they would be protected near the end of WWll)
and fitting it with a device called the Wave Motion Engine and Cannon
sent to them by the planet  Iskandar.
It seem Iskandar might possibly have a device that can save the Earth
from a radiation death.
The Space Battleship Yamato is being sent out as a last stand to give hope 
to the Japanese people that it can save them.
The movie was filmed on small sets and the  CGI is wonderful considering 
the small budget. 
I personally hoped for more battles but in two hours that is asking a lot.
Like your favorite book that is brought to the screen this movie has it's faults. 
We can all second guess how to format this movie and make it tighter or bigger by 
Blockbuster Hollywood standards. 
Or possibly a  Micheal Bay blow something up every five minutes movie. 
But I think this comes across more of a homage to the 1970's series.
The scene where everyone gets a few moments to say goodby to their family before 
leaving our solar system is very touching and I think the heart of this movie. 
Going out to fight for the greater good and giving hope to a dying people.
Wonderful, fun, visually exciting movie that brought back
all the good times I had with my children.

I leave you with
your pretty for the weekend.
 luke i thehamish is your farver

 booboo Gud Dug Watson just after waking up,
cuddling next to me.
 awwwwwww the sweet look on his face (messy beard and all)
just breaks my heart. I am tearing up.
He is deaf and sometimes you can see the confusion in his eyes
from the dementia. When he wakes up sometimes he just doesn't know where he is. 
No matter what, he is so sweet, loving and the best gud dug he has always been.
Throughout this all he is still the Dr. Watson I have always loved.

wave. . . parsnip
music. . . OST, Space Battleship Yamato,  Naoki Sato


  1. Watson and Hamish are fanboys.

    1. They are beyond on target with the newest trends.

  2. Aw...great reviews everyone. Poor Watson. Glad Sir Poops hears and remembers us. But he's lost control of his bladder.

    1. I am not great on writing reviews. So thank you.
      We just have to love our gud old dugs. Diapers and all.

  3. Oh dear, Tess has seen those chicken strips - we don't have them here - and she wants some!
    Love is all you can give to old dogs - and they will appreciate it right to the very end. I know you love your two to bits.

  4. Watson and Hamish, fanboys--who would have guessed?

    1. Poor things they usually watch what I watch but I don't force them.
      I guess I have rubbed off on them.
      Their Japanese Is probably better that mine too !

  5. U thehamish, brill reviewer, chkikin strips essential. I feel the same way about films and peanuts.

  6. The Square Ones did a wonderful job helping you review that movie. I think they deserve another chicken strip or two. None of our kids were into anime, so I've never watched any of it before, but you do make this movie sound interesting.

    Happy weekend!

  7. That sounds like a very confusing movie!

    The boys look quite distinguished and handsome.

  8. Phew, I'm glad someone other than me liked it, too! The saying goodbye scene - straight out of the TV series, and Drama Guy had just watched that episode with his son earlier that day.

    I didn't know the TV series before and now I'm very curious about it, especially in light of the Battlestar Galactica comparisons.

    1. It came out before Battlestar. When I watch movies or any syfy I see lots of ideas based on Japanese stories.

  9. These are the cutests dogs. So Cute!
    I'm glad you liked the movie. I wanted to, but I just couldn't get into it. Maybe if I had an emotial connection to it I would have liked it more. I think it's cool that you watched the show with your kids. I look forward to more reviews from you.

  10. I am suddenly hungry for mock squid soup.

    1. hahahahaha... I had squid the other night so good.

  11. yert! what cute boys you have! just so adorable!

    smiles, bee

  12. Takuya Kimura was very popular when I was living in Japan. Sounds like he is still popular. It's interesting to see how the movie did in Science Fiction category. I'm not surprised it didn't have much battle scenes as I usually see more interactions among characters in Japanese movies compared to action-packed Hollywood movies.
    Watson is very sweet dug. He looks so cute with messy beard. He is safe and happy with you :-)

    1. I should of had you comment for me. That is what I was trying to say... in Japan (what I call quiet movies) has more interaction among characters as apposed to the "Michael Bay" movie.
      Most everyone of SMAP is popular still squealllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !

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  14. Oh, your little reviewers are the cutest and now my heart is thumping too and sad. In fact, I'm teary eyed for your little gud doggy. Oh dear.

  15. That lovely card from you ane the square ones arrived this morning - thank you so much - it made my morning - and that wonderful hare drawn on the envelope. I shall treasure it. Love to the three of you.

  16. All of the shots are great but that first one could be a banner. Brilliant stuff.

  17. Oh my goodness - those dogs. What fantastic photos those last ones are Parsnip! xx

  18. They seem to take reviewing very seriously.

  19. Love the review! Perhaps I'll get my kitties in on the action sometime!!