Monday, August 18, 2014

illigal immigration and the lasting effects

    Well here I am again, new computer and with the wrap-up of my illegal immigration posts.
For you who have read these posts, Thank You.
But in reality the people who should read this will not ! Maybe I will send them to Obama, Pelosi, DNC,  Biden, Kerry, Hagel, Jewell, Perez, Barber, and  Rahm Emanuel ! In fact I think I will ! but I hold out no hope. My vote or voice does not count but they want my tax money.

Did you know...

  Another a Border Patrol Agent was killed. Out fishing with his family he was shot and killed in front of them by two illegals.  One had been deported 4 times ! Both living big Texas. Good job President Obama !

   A reporter dressed as Osama Bin Laden crossed the Rio Grand River in daytime with no problem.  Not reported in any US paper.

  The President of Mexico is protesting the National Guard patrolling the Texas Border. "Is inconsistent with US-Mexico talks aimed at building a modern, prosperous and safe border" hahahahaha, Safe border ! Safe for illegals to cross no doubt.

  President Obama refused to visit the Texas Border but was in Texas for two fund raisers.

  President Obama says the border is secure, well that is news to the Sheriff of Hudspeth Country, Texas. The fence is not finished. It just stops and a fence of 4 strands of barbed wire is now securing the Texas Border ? ? ? ? ?

  In California and Arizona (I assume New Mexico and Texas) for many years now we in a health crises with Pertussis. Whooping Cough. Both states free clinics can't keep up with the mass of illegal children coming over the border and already living here. Childhood diseases  are on the rise.
So you concerned about infectious disease  like Ebola getting into America... it will walk across our Obama secure border, surrounded by masses of exploited children.

  Southern California has now more Hispanic than all the other races added together. And we the government has been adding in this by supporting the abuse of young Hispanic girls into having more and more Anchor Babies, by the California liberal pandering Democrat Party (my party).
In Arizona the highest number of babies here are born to teen Hispanic on welfare.  But the drop out rate from school in each state is out of control, even with all the ESL classes. So much for "I want to go to school" lie.

  The First Ladies of  Honduras and Guatemala visited the Texas Border, both cried crocodile tears at all the exploited, poor children.  Hey, if they walked out their front doors in their countries they would see this. Did  they come with planes to take "their" children home ? did they say that they would open centers for "their" children and families who need help now ? hell no ! not "their" problem.

  No big fines for hiring illegal workers by American Companies. Because they hire illegals,  the idea a paying  less money for any work has taken affect.  What Cesar Chavez had fought against is now coming true.
To get around paying benefits and taxes people and companies now hire "contract workers". Or just pay under the table.
That is the way to get around cost of living, health insurance and benefits.
Thank You illegal workers, the middle class, ME, is now redundant. You have done this.

How to fix this.

1. No more Anchor  Babies. If your here illegally, the baby born here can have his citizenship paper at 21 till then he goes back home with you. And we send the bills to your country. Or give less aid to these countries.
If you are already on welfare and living here, no more exploited babies for money. Either use birth control or the next baby is all yours not the Government of the US.
If you protest, all the 200 pro Hispanic groups, like La Raza and the ACLU can pay for your babies.

2. If you are illegal no path to citizenship ! and that is a big NO.   No reward for breaking the law.  I would send all back to legally apply but I understand you can't so they will have to apply for a work visa if you pass the test. And only from a years before 1970 the date I hear being talked about would be the stopping point. The rest go home to apply legally. Or sent home.

3. The only people on a path to citizenship would be the ones that the parents so callously dragged across the border. They had no choice and their "loving" parents put them into a shadow limbo life.  Your parents are RESPONSIBLE  for your shadow limbo life not me. 
Anchor Babies should have to wait at lest 12 years to vote. They were exploited into being a way to gain a life in America and for votes for the Democrat party, my party.
The parents should be held RESPONSIBLE for this and  how they exploited their own children.

Sound Harsh and it is but I bet after one year of this hard line, exploited women, children and exploited Americans will see a big difference.

4. California and New Mexico give full scholarship to children of illegal parents but not one to struggling children of legal immigrant workers ?

5. The UK is starting to put curbs on illegals for all the free stuff we are now giving illegals here in America,. They are finding it doesn't work. The no questions asked welfare system. Revoking driving licenses of illegals, no out of work benefits. Plus proposals to stop the undercutting of wages and job for local workers by exploiting of low -skilled illegal workers.
Here in America Obama is easing penalties for hiring illegal. And he talks about rebuilding the middle class ! What a joke !

6. I keep telling my east coast very liberal friends, that in the 10 to 20 years when we die and our tax paying money has gone, at the rate we are going here in Arizona we will be a 75% welfare state. Were will the money come from ?   Not from all the welfare families that keep having more and more welfare families that the Government keeps paying for.  The 25% left will be holding jobs that pay out money to the welfare families.

7. CBS News reported several times on this illegal boy who was sent back to El Salvador and how he was living in fear, his father dead and gangs running in the streets. Have they not heard of Santa Anna, LA, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, any big city that has gangs from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras ? The Drug Cartels ?
Lets clean up are own streets and Cities first !

I leave you with a story
A Tucson woman called police when she saw a Hispanic man putting 3 children in his car and 2 into his trunk. The 2 in the trunk alarmed her. The police stopped him, ran a check he was here illegally. they called ICE. 
Who was he ? an exploiter of children ? a father of several anchor  babies ?  No matter what he did was endangering several children's life .  Children are just used as money and are treated that. A Hispanic teen ran over and laid down in the street yelling "You can't break up the family"
Oh please. Deport him !
So much for another battle cry we hear everyday. And believe me it is a battle.
The mantra that is spoken every day in Arizona is...
I want a better life for my children
I want them to go to school 
You can't break up the family
I want my rights  (what rights ? your here illegally) 

Back to regular programing on Wednesday. 



  1. All I can say Parsnip is that thank goodness we are an island. We still have illegal immigrants (a sealed container load this week where one man died and many others were very near to it) but not on your scale.

  2. Oh gosh I read that in my BBC feed and I thought how awful !
    The problem in my country is all the people who say we have to let everyone stay but then go back to playing with their iphones. Not seeing the ramifications of their actions.
    It is a very hard question. Those in the container were escaping death by religion. Here they are coming for lots of free money. There is a difference.

  3. Your vote and your voice do count, parsnip. It's tough believing that sometimes, I know. Write to your elected officials. Connect with other concerned citizens in your community and beyond. All viewpoints should, at the very least, have a seat at the table. Be the squeaky wheel.

    1. I write, phone counts, sign petitions and e-mail Ron Barber and the White House. I am sure there is a drone over my home at any time.
      But when I said my vote doesn't count it really doesn't Conservative Democrats like me are voted out by the liberal East Coast and California. I will now be an Independent.
      The elections are called even before the polls in Arizona close.
      And any illegal anchor baby family with 3 or more children (when I was having my children) now each of them have at lest 3 to 5 children each. So when My family 3 votes go to the polls we are outvoted.

  4. I wish sending your posts to them would help, but I doubt anything will. Eventually, we'll be one of the minority groups and Spanish will be our official language.

    And Collin and I will be living in Australia.

    1. If I don't die first, I might move to Canada.
      As much as I love Arizona, no lie it is a most open and fabulous state. The people are lovely, crazy and just a little bonkers which makes them so fun. It is the summer heat !
      But we are being taken over by the drug cartels an illegals. It is changing and not for the better.
      What is happening to Arizona is so sad. And it is all Congressman Raul Grijalva fault and his family.

  5. I feel really bad for those women and children who are exploited. But the part of this problem is caused by the system that helps those illegal immigrants. I do hope the politicians read your post, listen to your voice, and start doing the right thing not for the vote but for their own country and people.

    1. You are so right !
      The major part of the problem is the government doesn't look at the whole picture,
      It just throws money at a problem without thinking what will happen.
      I am sorry they are poor but part of the problem is theirs and their governments.
      No one thinks !

  6. It's a hell of a problem all ways around.

    1. So true, I could learn to like snow again instead of the desert.

  7. I will have to come back and catchup on these another day, Parsnip. Thanks for all the time you put in to writing them. I'll be back when I can sit and give them a proper read. Until then, cheers and boogie boogie.