Friday, February 28, 2014

Square Dog Friday... Herbal Body Wrap

It is the best day of the week for 
Two Little Square Black Dogs !
So lets woof it.

 yesh i thehamish gots to get a bath and dryin'
gud old Dr. Watson gots to one too
 we gets our herbal bodywraps
we look gud and smellin' gud 
we gud dugs
 the wind is blowing our fluffy hair

 see it is blowing old gud dug Watson beard
it is fluffy fluffy fluffy
 Watson is a a gud lookin' guddug

 finally we gots to memememememememeememe me
gud dug thehamish me 
so much Watson we needin' more thehamsih
woe oh woe is me
we need seeing more thehamish


Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.
I have a very small patch of grass for The Square Ones.
Grass and the water to grow it is a luxury here in the desert.
 Before the gardeners came
 So thick tall and green

After the gardeners.
ummm a few tall blades escaped !

Water drops !

green. . . parsnip
music. . . Gimme Some Lovin',  Spencer Davis Group


  1. Always happy when Square Dog Friday rolls around! (Herbal body wraps...lucky dogs!)

  2. Replies
    1. But they are now in any way snobbish about their good looks !

  3. Goodness, green grass...almost forgot what it looks like. Yert ! Two gud dugs so very handsome this week. PS: Thanks to you I have become addicted to "Cooking with Dog" So much fun to watch.

    1. I bet you have and more snow to come I hear.
      I love that show and Francis is so cute.... he love fish !

  4. YERT!
    Such SPOILED guddugs! :-)
    No toy destruction derby today because of the herbal wraps, eh?
    Guddugs too busy gettin' all foo-foo'ed up to tear up toys today?

  5. oh what cute squeeky clean boys you have! now roche' wants a bath. and a blow dry. yert!

    smiles, bee

  6. When I looked at that first photograph I thought what beautifully smart dogs they both were - and that smart look continued right down to the last photograph. Wonder how long they will stay like that.

  7. Thanks to you and your handsome boys, I think if we ever get another dog, it's gonna HAVE to be a Scottie.