Friday, March 29, 2013

Square Dog Friday... thehamish strikes again

It is Friday already best day of the week if your a
 Little Black Square Dog.
Plus it is in their contract Friday is their day along with the amount per day of chkikin' strips.
We all know the drill so lets woof it !

thehamish has ripped his ACL. It is part of the knee joint in the rear legs of dogs.
It stabilizes that joint and when partially torn or ruptured leaves only muscles and surrounding soft tissue to hold lower leg bones and the upper thigh bone in place.

Well you guess it thehamish strikes again.
I have always joked about Hamish saying he was made up of left over body parts.
Nothing quite matches, and every is off kilter.
Well I saw the xrays and it doesn't look good.
I have opted for a month of bed rest over surgery, walking when he wants/need to
he is on meds and we shall see how he is in a month.
He has already had way to many operations and if we  can miss this one I am all for it.
If it heals he will be at 80% on that leg and I think that will be fine.

oh woe is me woe woe woe

i is the sadsadsad thehamish ever cant' even play ball with mum.

but nice tall person mum is taking care of me ievens gets breakfast in bed dinner too
chkikin'strips too it is gud.

even sick i gud watchdog with Watson.
tall noisy men are workin' in yard we lookn' at them through our window
i growling really gud

yesh mum i protecting you and the chkikin' strips

see they are going

noes they gone

im' need a nap dreaming of chkikin' strips with gud old dug Watson 

mums friend called us scottie puddles not so sure im' likein' tha
mum does 

and just because I can here is your pretty to start the weekend.

Daughter is a short term foster Mum at the Humane Society where she works in the clinic.
I posted about this sweet baboo puppy who was found in a bag in trash can at a park. She has a deformed back foot (the one where the adressee label is) from having a rope tied on it and cutting into the foot.
The short time daughter cared for her, she found her lively, fun, smart and super sweet.
She is a cutie and as you can see, she is now a cover girl on the Humane Society mailing.
Such a sweet baboo !
From thrown away trash can puppy to a cover girl !

Happy Easter !

bunny. . . parsnip
music. . . Peter Cottontail,  Gene Autry
(hey i'm a western gal)

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  1. Poor little guy.... Watson's a good boy to stay with the Hamish!

    1. Watson who still hasn't quite recovered are being sick puppies together

  2. I like the window you had put in for them - very thoughtful.

    1. hahahahahaha, my kids say if I ever sell this house they want to be around so they can watch the agent try to explain all the Square Dog related remolding I have done.

  3. awww poor hamish for sure, watson is a very gud brother to him. lots of mom love i know. yert!

    hugs, bee

  4. Hugs and chicken to the Hamish. Poor baby.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. Oh dear the poor Hamish! You are a great nurse. Still growling at the worker noise is gud! Best wishes all around. The poster girls is very cute too! Bravo to your daughter!

  6. Poor Hamish--I know how he feels. I have a leg that doesn't work so well, either.

    Big thank you and hugs to all three of you for that wonderful card you sent me. Love the photos of the boys. They're so cute!

  7. Oh Hamish! Poor thing. I nearly shed a tear there seeing him lolling off his bed at the bowl. So sorry he's feeling so bad!