Wednesday, July 25, 2012

monsoon madness... square dog sunset

Monday evening after the rain...

As the sun was starting to set
I tried to take a few photos of the fast moving clouds.

My little point and click was freaking out over all the colors.
I didn't play with any of the colors
and these are pretty close to what the sky looked like.

The sun was setting west and this is looking north.

If you look close at the bottom clouds, can you see a square dog running so fast
he is leaving a train of dust behind him ?

running fast into the sunset


run square dog run

and he is gone...

cloudy. . . parsnip
music. . . Run With Me,  Keane
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  1. Fabulous!
    I think unless you've been here, it's hard to believe we get these sunsets, but we surely do. I kind of think yours our better than ours - but don't tell anyone.
    I absolutely see square dog, funny thing is, I always see dogs in clouds, sometimes faces but mostly only dogs.
    Thanks for putting the Jetsons theme song in my head, ...their boy Elroy....... :)

    1. I was laughing so hard when I looked at this sunset and clouds.... I am now truly the crazy cat lady who lives down the street... Or instead of seeing ghosts I see dogs !
      Sorry about the Jetsons... I have just ordered the first season, I loved that show !

  2. Lol! Depends what you were looking for! Square dog? Now - where would you get that idea from I wonder! Love it!

    1. Like I said above, I see dogs everywhere !
      Especially Square Duggies !

  3. These photos are just stunning! What a lovely series. I am envious of your beautiful sunsets there. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I saw the dog. Do I get a prize? Those clours are sensational.

  5. square dogs everywhere :) Love those photos, they're gorgeous!

  6. love those square dogs running in those beautiful photos!!!


    smiles, bee

  7. and i thought we've been having great sunsets, these are spectacular!

  8. Fine capture of the rapidly-changing colors, Parsnip!
    hee hee....«Louis» likes how the square dogs got into the act!

  9. One can never tire of taking sunset shots. Beautiful!